Who else uses a regular-sized pen with Small Ring Agenda?


What kind of pen do you use with your agenda?

  1. Regular-sized one, can't use them skinny pens

  2. Agenda pen! They're so cute!

  3. Duh. A ballpoint one.

  4. The lipstick in my purse! I keep losing my pens!

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  1. Dunno if this has been posted before, but I just wanted to share and have others post their favorite combo, too!

    I love the look, weight, and feel of my Cartier Santos pen & I can't seem to write comfortably with the itty bitty skinny agenda pens.... For awhile I just carried the pen in patch pocket of my purse, but that's so humbug. I was determined to use my fave pen with my fave agenda.

    I bought the filofax inserts, so this is what I've wound up doing.

    :idea: I slide the clip part of the pen onto the "pocket envelope" and it's holding up very nicely!:tup:

    It looks great from the outside, and it stays put. :yes:

    I thought about trying to slide the clip onto the pen loop, but my pen is too long & sticks out one side if I try that. :rolleyes: If you were using a shorter pen, that would work too.

    Come share your pictures of your fave pen with your agenda!
    agendapen1.JPG agendapen2.JPG agendapen3.JPG agendapen4.JPG