Who else thinks this is kinda gross?

  1. EWWW. I just threw up a little, j/k, but seriously it looks like it has a dead animal wrapped around it. Nasty!
  2. EWEEEEEU!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh gross! It does look like ear muffs! LOLOL
  4. Yikes! :s That is one odd looking bag...
  5. Lol! Just imagine someone wearing that under their arm...it would look like some massive armpit hair!

  6. yikes, i am at a loss for words.. :wtf:

    is that even an authentic bag?? i couldnt imagine COACH would release a style like that...
  7. I'm pretty sure that's authentic--they had ones like it in Filene's Basement several months ago...

    Not something I would wear...

    Wonder if it's from the "ski" collection?
  8. apres-ski?

    The bag is utterly craptastic and I'm sorry if anybody on the dear tpf owns it, but someone should have known better than to design this....mess!