Who else should be doing something besides tPF?

  1. I should be working on a baby blanket for a friend of mine who's pregnant(I make all my friends baby blankets when they get preggers, its a tradition lol).
    But once again, tPF has me in a choke hold:whistle:
  2. This place is addictive... trust me!! Ha. Whenever I should be on here, I can't. And when I shouldn't be on here, I AM :amuse:
  3. I am at work and i should be finishing up my presentation that i present tommorrow morning, as well as finish up my projects since friday is my last day:nogood:
  4. I should be in the shower and getting ready for work...ha ha...
  5. I should really be packing for Florida and cleaning up the house because we won't be back in Seattle for another 2 months probably. I miss L.A.... :push:
  6. um, i should be rewrighting a university assignement that i failed in may. 2 weeks to resubmission date.
  7. Right now there's nothing that I should be doing; I am just waiting for UPS to deliver a package. However, there were times when I was here when I should have been working on a final project for a class.
  8. Me. I'm gonna have a LOT of work to do...I've been procrastinating with tPF. :sad:
  9. maybe I should be doing some laundry, but....nahhh
    I'm where I wanna be .... :smile:
  10. Ok, well...I got a little bit of the blanket done. Now I find myself back here. Geez..Megs and Vlad...what have you done to me?!!!?:shrugs:
  11. Yeah I should be running more errands, taking some clothes to Goodwill and some new stuff into the tailor but ah well, there's the rest of the day for that, eh?
  12. I should be studying for the lsats, but I keep taking breaks every 15 minutes to check tPF.
  13. I should be deciding my future :graucho: But whats another day really?
  14. I agree, it's very addictive!! :smile:
    Sometimes when I am at work I check my emails and see the emails incoming and can't wait to go home and log in on the forum. I really love this place!! :heart:
  15. I'm supposed to be reading books for school... [three books, two weeks] but i always find myself on tPF. SHAME. but i can't help it...i love this site. :biggrin: