Who else shops when stressed?

  1. I seem to be do that quite a lot lately!

    I'm currently working full time in a library and also completing my Masters in library sciences (information studies) at the University of Toronto and it is stressful!

    I find that I am frequently taking study breaks at Holt Renfrew...it's so bad, but at least with my full time salary, I don't have to be a poor student - which I am very grateful for having been there, done that for my undergrad!! I recently picked up a really cute Marc Jacobs zip clutch wallet in yellow which I ADORE to pieces.
  2. *raises hand*

    I do the same thing. When I have a bad day I find myself heading to the mall!
  3. Oh I do for anything and anything! Its so bad I even will make one of my daughters go with me and buy for them too. Its such a bad habit.
  4. Retail therapy is totally my therapy of choice !

    Hang in there, I know MLS is brutal !
  5. I totally go shopping when I am stressed! I tend to shop alone and not that often as I am also a student and very busy. When I get really stressed out or screwed over by another orgo chem exam, I hop on the train and go downtown to stores like Filene's Basement and TJ Maxx for some good bag shopping =D
  6. Oh yes! I totally do emotional shopping, especially when im very upset or angry. It calms me somewhat.

    Good luck with your masters, Im working on my thesis for mine right now...well not right now:p
  7. I totally do that! When I'm very stressed or upset I head to the mall.
  8. Ha! I knew you ladies could relate. I am loving this forum....

    What are you doing your Masters on <B>Noon</b>?

    Thanks for your support <B>ayla</b>!
  9. I shop when i'm bored, i shop when i'm stressed, i shop when i'm mad. It really does help...its like an instant up lift! Even some see's candies work.
  10. after both my babies were born for about six months i shopped like crazy, mostly on line... it was total stress relief and linked to exhaustion and anxiety and possibly mild post partum... most of the stuff just went right back, but it got to the point where i would see the ups man every day between my shopping and the baby gifts!!! these days i hardly see him at all! but i guess you can definitely count me in!
  11. guilty
    lol i always find myself shopping at the mall or online whenever i'm feeling blue or stressed....
    i feel SO happy afterwards but then also a little guilty... i try really hard to ignore that guilty feeling though LOL
  12. My first thought was, "Who DOESN'T shop when stressed?!"

    I say as long as you aren't driving yourself into debt and can pay your bills, you do what makes you happy. You have plenty of stress with your Master's degree work, so you need to do what works for you!
  13. I always find myself shopping when I'm stressed, upset or angry. It just makes me feel sooo much better!!
  14. yeah... don't have money to shop when stressed, and my lack of money stresses me out even more! :crybaby:
  15. Count me in, feeling low, have to shop LOL