Who else sells Dooney & Burke?

  1. I've only seen Dillards.com and Dooney.com. Oh, and Nordstrom.com. I'm looking for a deal and Dillards does have lower prices, but not by much. Any suggestions ladies?

    I want one of their tassel totes or satchels really bad, either signature or all leather.
  2. qvc.com
    dooneyandbourke.com (obviously...but they don't have sales)
    there's probably a dooney outlet close to you too. close being 10 hours or less...which might put you jersey. :smile:
    qvc has really good deals sometimes, esp. on the signature pieces. they hardly ever carry the new style AWL though. sometimes regional department stores do carry them too. here in the NW we have meier and frank...they sell them. i can't remember what the mid range store regional department in NC is (i haven't been to raleigh in like 10 years). Bon*MACYS maybe?...or is it just MACY*S now? i think they sell them.

    good luck!! the leather sachels are SO nice. i love the rouge. i almost bought it, but couldn't find a place to see it IRL. i hope you have better luck than i did!
  3. Thanks so much ilzabet! Good luck to you in the future, I hope you find what you're looking for. Gotta bookmark QVC.com now.

    I think someone on here said they had one in this color -


    So vibrant! I love it!
  4. these are my favorite dooney styles but i can only find the pocket sachel in person (the white leather one in the middle on the bottom) and my good friend carries the it bag that's pictured...i don't want to match her. :smile: i almost bought the pocket sachel in the light blue, but decided i wanted my speedy more...it was the better choice for me (the LV zips on the top, the dooney pocket sachel doesn't)

    dooney gets a bad rap on this board sometimes, but i think they hold up really well and can be quite classy. even the "it" bags. my friend's it bag has been carried every day for almost five years now and it still looks nearly new. the leather patinas like LV and it's so pretty. i think the size of it makes it look more grown up than the other it bag styles. :smile: i hope you find one you like! :smile:
    dooney1.jpg dooney2.jpg dooney4.jpg dooney5.jpg dooney6.jpg
  5. Oh man, the two blue bags you posted are the ones I've been pining over all weekend :/ Well, those styles anyway. There are a couple more I will have my eye on. lol, yeah I've been considering saving for a Speedy as well (and I'm not even that big of an LV fan!), but hopefully I will get them all in good time.

    Yeah, D&B probably isn't one of the favorites on the board, but there are still some members who say the bags hold up well and hey, as long as we like it and are satisfied, I say it's always worth the money. You have great taste! Thanks for helping me.
  6. you're welcome. :smile: totally agree about the worth the money thing. so many things aren't my style, but i say to each their own. as long as YOU use it, love it, and make the cost per wear worth it, more power to you...whatever your choice! it's what makes this forum so fun to come to, oogling all the bags outside the store enviroment that you'd never buy for yourself. :smile:

    if you end up getting the large flap sachel (bottom dark blue), pleeeeease post a bunch of pictures. :smile: of course post pictures of any bag you choose, but i can't tell if i really want that one or not. :smile: it's such a pretty lady like bag and it looks like it holds a lot but i'm so torn for some reason. probably because i hate sending things back, so even if i didn't love it i'd keep it, which isn't so good. besides speedy was spendy (for me), so she will be (and should be!) the only bag in rotation for a long looooong time. :smile:
  7. You might want to check out your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They've been selling those signature tassles for awhile now. I haven't seen the blue though.
  8. Ya, I seen alot of Dooneys there lately.
  9. if you are able to go to a D& B outlet, you can get their bags pretty cheap, i got a tassel tote for $75 and a matching large wristlet for $25.
  10. I have two of the All Weather Leather tassel totes (the one in red, which is a stunning color, and the saddle brown) and I think the quality of these bags is very high. The leather is nice and very durable and the workmanship also seems to be good. No, they're not the most trendy bags on the planet, but I think they'll be bags I can still use 10 years from now.

    Oh, and you can buy Dooney & Bourke bags directly from their website, but I don't know if they have sales.
  11. There are some sale bags on the Dooney site.
  12. I totally agree about the outlet stores. I was in one for the first time a few weeks ago, and they had a huge selection of styles that I had not seen in any of the department stores. Alot of them were very stylish.
  13. I got a really cute D&B signature satchel at TJ Maxx recently for only $79 (retail was $235)! I've gotten so many compliments on it, too.
  14. Doesnt some FOLEY'S sale Dooney?