Who else pulled out their boots for today? cold & chilly

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  1. Weather dropped to mid 50s here today after following the last few days of rain. Broke out a pair of knee high heel boots last night. With some rain today and still cooler weather, black leather knee high boots over jeans made perfect. Anyone else?
  2. Not yet. It's still 8,000 degrees where I live. Boots usually come out in November for me. I love fall fashion - I wish I had the appropriate climate for it.
  3. where are you at in the world? im in chicago right now. definitely chilly outside. thinking about breaking out the boots for tonight
  4. I should have pulled out the boots today! I stupidly wore wedge sandals, boy was that a mistake! It didn't get above 55 here and it rained all day. Note to self: be sure to check the weather thoroughly before leaving the house tomorrow!
  5. was reeeally thinking about going closed toe. But, unlike cute_classy, the rain commences tomorrow (if the weatherforcaster is correct), so I said screw it, I'm going to wear open toe and layer up on everything else until my feet can't bear being semi-naked any longer!
  6. No, not yet...

    I did see a woman today who was COMPLETELY bundled up: thick wool hat, scarf, and gloves, wool jacket, and knee high suede boots. I thought she looked ridiculous...
    It was chilly today, but c'mon at 24 degrees C (about 75 F), and the morning was maybe 18 (65F)? :thinking:
  7. Although I love fall fashion, I always wait until last minute to break out the boots. The reason being, I LOVE simply stepping into shoes without having to bend over... LOL!!!
  8. Not yet - it's around mid 60's so not cool enough to wear closed toe or boots. There are still a lot of people around here wearing their shorts, sandals and t-shirts.
  9. Notsomuch. It was 110 today. :sweatdrop:
  10. We had one day of temperatures in the 50's, then two days in the mid-60's, but daytime temps will be consistently in the 70's for the next week and a half, so despite our one day of cool weather, it isn't boots season yet for me.
  11. i did,it was very cold yesterday evening :smile:
    i missed wearing my boots :smile:
  12. In KY. Never gets this cool this time of year, but certainly changed quite a bit!

  13. I've been wearing sandals, loafers, heels to work... it's 90 degrees outside right now. When I left for work at 5:30am it was already 74 degrees. But... I have been wearing my ankle boots in the evening even if it's still pretty warm. It doesn't look weird late in the evening haha...

    I cannot wait for the temperature to drop!!!!
  14. I'm in Colorado and it's kind of rainy and gloomy. I'm wearing jeans tucked into boots :happydance:
  15. Yup - rain boots :P