Who else prefers the '07 Sig Stripe to the '08?!

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  1. I find the stripe placement to be awkward. I want to buy the pink one but I think I like the old ones better :sad:

    I'm also trying to find a gunmetal/black bag on ebay!

    Thoughts?! Talk me into it lol
  2. I'm not a big fan of the stripe placement on the new ones either. It just doesn't look balanced to me. I'm still hoping to find a great '07 one on ebay.
  3. 07 is DEFINITELY better IMO. I feel the same way about the stripe placement it looks so.......unbalanced is what comes to mind!?!?
  4. I agree, I love the new ones, especially because of the shoulder tote version, but the stripe is kinda awkward
  5. I don't dislike the '08 stripe, but I definitely prefer '07 (in fact, my signature stripe '07 was my "re-introduction" to Coach after a 5 year hiatus!). Good luck finding your gunmetal bag!
  6. ME! I'm with ya on the stripe placement! I liked the old colors better too!
  7. I am not a fan of these new ones. I was (and still am) obsessed with the older types.
  8. i love the older ones!!
  9. older ones for sure. getting my gunmetal in the mail soon. will let you know how i like it!
  10. Did you get the small or large?! And did you get it off of ebay? I'm scared to buy on ebay, I hear great stories about it on here, but I've been burned before :sad:
  11. let me join the club!! I love love love the 07 bags and just got the gunmetal tote!! the new ones i would like if they had the tote in the same style as 07 the new totes are wider, which i think is weird
  12. Count me in , I tried to force myself to like the one with the pink stripe and the placement drove me nuts , I thought it looked cute on the swing pack but not on the other bags , and I know this will sound weird but it felt like the did not put a lot of time into designing new bags like they just threw it together
  13. I like the '07 one's too. The '08 ones are cute but I like the shape and stripe placement better on the older ones, wish the totes had zippers though.
  14. Me, me!!! One of the only signature bags I have left now is my reversible sig stripe tote in black/white from last year. It'll come out in the summer, and I just love it!
  15. I think the pink and blue colors are pretty but I definitely think the '07 line is prettier and less awkward. And the black/gunmetal is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!!!