Who else misses Cracker on the bbag forum???

  1. Where are you girl? We haven't seen you in awhile. I hope you are fabulous as always and workin' your bbags!:love:
  2. Shasta, you're so sweet!! I think you may just be in different threads because I saw several posts from her yesterday.
  3. yeah, i saw her posts a couple of days ago. :flowers:
  4. ^That's good to know. I'd noticed her absence too.
  5. YES - me too, she's still HERE :yahoo:
  6. Shasta girl, thank you.......you are sweet. I'm still here but not posting much. I really miss it. I've decided to get my MS degree and it's taking up a lot of my free time. I don't like to post much when my kids are home so that leaves little room for tPF :crybaby: Hopefully, next semester won't be as tough and I'll be able to post more. I have been busy though rotating my bags and my collection has done a complete turn around.:nuts: Thanks for thinking of me!:heart:
  7. Cracker, I miss you too! I hope you'll check in occasionally - good luck on working on your MS degree - and with your three (I think it is three) boys, I'm sure you don't have a minute to spare! Could you post their Halloween photos - pretty please!!!!!
  8. Yeah! I miss her. Such a great person!!! (Like you Shasta!)
  9. There u are Cracker! Glad to hear you're persuing your MS degree~ awesome!
  10. ooooooo Cracker.....I didn't know you could actually get a Masters in Shopping!!!! :wlae: Where do I sign up??!!
  11. Yes Cracker, you always had (have) the best bags, you choose them well.
    I also sold some of my collection....Balenciaga fever has a grip on me
    Hope things go good for you.;)
  12. Yay on getting you MS degree!!! :rochard:Please keep on posting occasionally if you can!
  13. HI CRACKER!!!!!!! I have missed you too!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  14. Good for you girl! That is awesome. I can't imagine doing that w/ my 3kids!!!! I am really proud of you, and I bet you your boys are too!