Who else makes a bag like this?? (Cole Haan triple zip)

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  1. Are you looking for one that's less expensive, or just similar style? Have you checked eBay to see if you can find this one? I have seen brand new ones on there.
  2. Coach Maggie is similar
  3. Botkier (Trigger) and Treesje (Divino) both have something similar, but the outer compartments have magnetic closures rather than zipper closures, I think. Price point is probably similar to the Cole Haan, and you can occasionally find some good deals for Botkier and Treesje too.

    Belen Echandia's original Take Me Anywhere is also similar, with zipper closures for the outer compartments too, but the price point is higher, I believe. You'd probably also have to bespoke this bag, so the price would definitely be higher than finding something else on sale, but the flip side is that you do get to customise options like the leather, lining, hardware, etc.
  4. Cole Haan has come out with a wide variety of bags with the "triple zip" compartments over the last few years. If you go on ebay and search for "Cole Haan triple zip" you'll find them. You can get them for great prices on ebay. And CH usually comes out with two sizes of each style.

    Cole Haan also has frequent sales on their web site, with prices reduced from 30 to 40 percent at the end of the season.
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  6. I stop by Bloomingdales today , I saw the Botkier bag an sale ...very similar like the Cole Haan one you are looking for ...in black
  7. i would check out baghaus.com
  8. Woo hoo!! Hubby just bought me a small phoebe triple zip in soft gold!!! He is soooo sweet to me!!!!!!!
  9. Great job !!! Congratulations to you !!!!
  10. Thanks!! I'm going to enjoy it so much. The leather is so soft and I love the triple zip design!
  11. Bumping this up in order to help a friend- she is looking for the same triple-zip (or even double-zip) pockets. I mentioned the cole haan which she is going to look at in person, but any other suggestions? It HAS to be at least 2 pockets - one main zip pocket and the other pocket to fit a magazine and have inside pockets to hold cell/metrocard. Up to $1000. Grey preferable but color is negotiable for the "right" bag.

    Any ideas? I keep sending her links
  12. The Cole Haan Phoebe is great and I know that Linea Pelle did a duffle awhile back the was double zip.
    I also have an Isabella Fiore double zip bag that I use non stop, but I'm not sure you can buy it anywhere anymore.

  13. Wow!! Congratulations!!! your hubby must love your very much. :biggrin: