Who else loves Zara?

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    I was eyeing this cute purse (I'm looking for blue lately) but hubby said NO arghhh...

    Can't wait for the early fall collection...
  2. Thanks girls!
    Why did he say no? it's a relatively cheap purse and so easy to use:nuts:
    This bag was purchased in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  3. Yeah that would be really cool!
  4. Ah, I adore Zara. I absolutely love the Zara 'Basics' section, and loathe TRF. I absolutely adore their winter collections, I can't wait to see the trench's, the blazers and the fitted dresses. It's my go to shop for staple pieces!
  5. Oh my, those shoes are beautiful!
  6. I LOVE Zara!!! It's really affordable. The next thing I buy besides designer labels is Zara for sure. I prefer Zara to F21 in terms of quality and designs. I think Zara's stuff are well made and long lasting... although the shoes aren't really very worthy of the price tags though. Nonetheless, Zara rocks!
  7. He didn't like it at ALL. And he was not appreciative of the low price. Can't argue with him, I spend all my money on random stuff lately and I have to ask for his opinion and his money for everything now...:p

    I saw the new early fall stuff, but I hate the "earthy" tones... Not flattering at all...
  8. in LOVE with Zara. That's my store, seriously. But is's so far away! Does anyone know if they're going to have another sale! They're not super cheap but not really expensive either, and the clothes there makes me feel like I'm in fashion heaven! I saw this military jacket the other day and wanted it sooo badly, but it was like 80 dollars so I couldn't buy it...sigh. I bought this beautiful flowy bohemian dress from there though and I must say I love it so much, I wear it all the time!
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    I got a pair of these three weeks ago and am going to wear a white v-neck t shirt and those electric blue elastic strappy Zara shoes (can't find a pix of them).
  10. What do you think of these Zara shoes?
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    Really love this dress but not buying it as don't like where the flower is.
    I think the stock pix from Zara is prettier.
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  12. I love zara!!

    My favourite bags:
    DSC05154.JPG DSC05155.JPG
  13. chanelbaby, I've seen the shoes IRL and I wasn't impressed, but the dress is gorgeous. I prefer the one on the right. Is it silk? I think it is... I love their silk dresses...
  14. They're having a huge sale. I bought a burgundy cotton peasant top, a silk sleeveless tribal dress, and some pink flats, all for under $60 !!
  15. [​IMG]

    my favorite blazer :cloud9: