Who else loves Zara?

  1. I got the shoes, le sigh....;) they are also available in white patent, just so you know. They run TTS for me.

  2. Yay!! You got them! I think we are the same size. Did you get the 6.5?
  3. What a nice BF, congrats!
  4. Glad you got them - and thanks for the size info :tup: Hopefully I'll manage to get a pair next Saturday (if they fit that is).
  5. Anyone know when the sale is ending?
  6. Quick question, does anyone have this jacket? If so, would love your thoughts on the sizing and material. Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
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    Picked up my sequin embellished skirt today. I really love it. It's quite pricey for Zara at £80 but it's cheaper than somewhere like All Saints for the same kinda thing.

    Going to wear it with a plain black tee like in the photo and a leather biker jacket and some plain black heels. I needed something like this for a birthday party at a bar. It's not too overdressed and I think it'll look quite edgy with the leather jacket.
  8. Love it! It looks really great on you!

    I saw this on the site and I liked it too. The only thing preventing me from getting it this time around is that last spring they had a similar sequin skirt and I bought it in XS but it just wasn't flattering on me since it was too big. I was so sad. :sad:
  9. This is lovely on you, and I love how you're styling it! So chic!

  10. You should try this one! I got this in a small which is my usual ish size in Zara skirts. Usually the small in the skort still has some room but this fit snug in the waist and it's sitting on my actual waist too.

    I was really happy when I tried it on after picking it up in store (from online)

  11. Thank you! It was perfect for the look I was going for. Just needed a stand out piece I could dress down / edge up as I don't usually go to this kinda venue for parties.
  12. Thank you and yes he is! I'm very lucky!

    Good to know! Maybe I'll pop in the store and try it in person. I really loved the skirt from last season and this one has a similar look & feel to it so I'll be really happy if it fits this time around!
  13. I might have to jump on the bandwagon and grab this skirt- I can't stop thinking about it! I've always wanted an All Saints skirt but I agree they are expensive especially for something you won't be able to wear all the time. I hope you post a picture of the outfit you wear to the party- I'd love to see! :biggrin:
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    I dropped by Zara today to check out some boyfriend jeans and left with two pairs of cropped trousers instead! Just wanted to share a couple casual, springy outfits I threw together. :biggrin:

    The lady next to me was commenting on my sandals and I was about to speak in the left pic! And I pulled up my top to show the waistband to my bff. :lol:

    The length differs between the two colors. I tried on a bunch of the same size to be sure and the blue was always a little longer. I'm hoping the lengths on both look OK. These are my first cropped pants.





  15. Yes I will post a proper outfit pic later this week, I'm not home right now so need the rest of the outfit lol

    I didn't see the skirt in store yet as I ordered online to be delivered to store. If you use the app you can check store availability for items which I don't think you can do on the normal online site.