Who else loves Zara?

  1. i ordered a small too because of mia but it is tts. i'm usually an xs in zara (same size as you in pants) so i'd go for an xs (i reordered it in xs). the small fits, it's just kind of big.
  2. Zara shirt. Love this shirt.
    IMG_1368 (2).jpg IMG_1370 (2).jpg IMG_1365 (2).jpg
  3. Thanks, glad to hear about the quality.

    I really wanted it in black, but unfortunately, it seems it's only available in navy right now. I haven't seen the colour in person, so I'm afraid it'll look faded or old. :/
  4. I have this in small and I love love it !
    I have the navy and its very dark almost black. !
    It's meant to be oversized which is just the way I like it!
  5. I bought this coat in January in the winter sale so I am not sure if they have updated this coat in anyway. I am 5'5 and I am usually an XS or a S and I ordered this coat in a S because they didn't have any XS left. I would prefer the XS because I find the sleeves a tiny bit too long and it is a little bit too loose in the chest.

    In my opinion, the quality is really good. I have the navy and it it a dark navy. I would say the last close up picture on the website is pretty much how it looks in real life.
  6. Thanks, guys, your comments have really helped! Going to get myself an XS :smile:
  7. Thank you Mia and gymangel812! I confess it was a fait accompli by the time I posted my question as I had already ordered the XS, but I'm glad it's likely to be the right size, especially since I have to have my purchases sent to a parcel forwarder who then sends it on to me over here!

    That military coat is adorable but it's the kind of thing I'd want to be able to try on - or at least return easily. Loved it last season too though!
  8. Omg. Need.
  9. You look amazeballs in that! I wish I could pull it off. :sad:
  10. Thanks doll!! Who says you can't pull it off??? I don't believe it. :smile:

    I'm serious.
  11. I've been wanting to get this blazer! With the matching trousers too! Hahaha. How does it fit? Modeling pics please! :graucho:
  12. You are too sweet. I wish I had your legs! I'm only 4'11". :sad:
  13. You have enough legs to pull off Shapers and that means you can pull off a pair of skorts!! A pretty short pair of skorts too...at least on me, which means they'd actually fit you properly. :lol: ;)
  14. Got this top today!