Who else loves Zara?

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  1. I noticed there is no thread just on Zara clothing.
    I thought I would start one :smile:

    I was at the location at Yorkdale (Toronto) on Sunday and everything was on sale!
  2. Is one opening in Chicago?
  3. How long is the sale on for?
    Even though it'll be a long trek for me, there is no Zara close to where I live!!
  4. I wore a funky Zara blazer--the pattern looks like snake skin and the fabric is silky feeling--I bought it super cheap in Washington DC. It is a fun jacket (I had it on with dark skinny jeans and heels and DH said I looked like a rock star--hahahaha!!!
  5. Not sure how long the sale is on for. It looked like the sale just started though. Everything in the store was on sale.
  6. I love Zara I got a gorgeous floaty floral top the other day for £14.99 in the sale its gorgeous and looks like it should have been a lot more than £14.99
  7. yup...i love zara...i shop on their 5th avenue store since there's not a lot of people shopping there...cute trendy stuff with good quality!
  8. I love Zara since its fairly good price, and is so much better then F21's quality. lol!
  9. I also love the fact that you may not see someone in your area wearing the same item from Zara.

    I have a dress from Forever 21 that I have spotted 3 times on other people.
  10. Don't have a Zara anywhere near me.
  11. There is one in Old Orchard Mall in Skokie and today I saw a huge sign about another store opening soon (no exact date was shown) on Michigan Ave across from the Watertower.

    I love the store. I haven't been to the US one many times, but when I lived in Belgium I made a point of visiting the store at least once a week. I loved it and always found something cute in there, especially clutches and blazers.
  12. What I love about Zara is the standardized price points. I've been to stores in the UK, US, France, Italy, Hong Kong and the Philippines and the clothes are priced almost the same! Best time to shop is during the 50% off sale which is NOW! I was just there last weekend, hehehe...

  13. How far is Skokie from Downtown?

    Ohh, I hope the Michigan Ave one opens before Labor Day!!
  14. Love Zara so much! Everything is priced alright and they make lots of staple pieces that are currently in style at a more affordable price. Plus, like the previous person said, you don't see as many repeats then you do F21.
  15. I brought my whole summer wardrobe from zara my fav store