Who else loves the feeling of carrying a NEW handbag??!!

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  1. Does anything beat that feeling? lol
  2. i think the process of buying a new bag goes neck-in-neck with that
  3. ^^ I was just about to post that ! :graucho:
  4. :yes: It is addictive....I chase after it...I am waiting for mine...will take 6 months...ughhhhhhhh:yahoo:
  5. I love it too. Although, I can't help to be in that phase where I'm paranoid about setting my bag on outside my house/ hitting things/ people touching it , etc. I love carrying a new mono with a fresh clean vachetta and witnessing it change over use and time. :yes:
  6. hehe, I agree with yeuxhonnetes! however, I think I"m pretty high the week before and after the purchase! haha
    -->Natural LV high ain't cheap like cocaine<--
  7. Hmm. Not to sound all corny, but I think the feeling I get when I hold my daughter hand tops all. I love her little hands.
  8. i reckon holding your baby for the FIRST time beats all... but holding a new LV comes close :yes:
  9. I like having a new bag because the whole experience is just so much fun!

  10. Really? I think that holding a new bag is nice, but not up there with holding a child. I love my bags, but I don't love them like I love the people in my life. To me they're just bags. :P
  11. Good point ok maybe I should have said not much tops it!!! :yes:
  12. People are of course ALWAYS more important than things, I guess I meant material things. Bags beat all material things lol
  13. There you go...I agree with that.

  14. Hahaha.

    What about diamonds? I love diamonds. Ooh, a diamond LV bag. :lol:
  15. Ohhh I love that can I have one too? Pretty Please???!!!