Who else is waiting for the FedEx man?

  1. It would be interesting to know how many ladies are waiting for something in the mail and just how fast eluxury and the resellers ship our bags. I've been posting in a couple of threads and noticed that there are a lot of us here waiting for the package to arrive soon.

    It's really a very long, long wait and I know just how that feels :girlsigh: Anybody else want to join the excitement?

    Let me start with....
    MC speedy from let-trade, payment received Monday and sent by post today Aug 16.
  2. I'm waiting for my Mandarin speedy. The FedEx man attempted to deliver it today but the eBay seller required a signature so since hubby and I work during the day, I missed him :crybaby:
  3. I am waiting for my leopard adelle as we as an item from let-trade.
  4. I'm waiting on my mono speedy from eluxury. I had a "new to me with gorgeous patina" one but sold it. Now, I want a new one since I really liked the bag. It's on the fedex truck for delivery. Now, my ban starts.
  5. my fedex man came this morning with my LV sticky notes for my small ring agenda! they're cute but of course i wish there was more paper included! lol. now i'm waiting for my UPS man to COME BACKKKKK i missed his delivery this morning for my $1300 john hardy ring i have been waiting for for the past three weeks! MUST HAVE NOWWWW...!
  6. I'm waiting for a bandeau , and a white speedy key ring , and a pomme envelope plate from a nice pfer. Can't wait
  7. ^^^^ ooooo pomme envelope plat - i love mine, it's so pretty!
  8. I am waiting for UPS, today or tomorrow, I hope with my MC keepall coming back from my sister, who borrowed it waaaayyyy too long ago ;)
  9. Like some others, Im waiting for an item from let-trade, a mono speedy 25, that has been shipped out today:smile:
  10. I am but not for anything LV lol. Fortunately I already got my new loves, my black Inclusion ring and rose PM bangle a few days ago.
    I'm actually waiting for an Ella Moss top from Bloomies, a book and movie from Amazon and this adorable yellow dress from Target haha.

  11. ooo goodie, you are getting it back??? lol i remember reading in a thread that she borrowed it like a year and a half ago! so glad you're getting it back! :smile:
  12. Wow! Glad to know I'm not the only one who's up on my toes! It makes the wait seem a lot easier....

    Congrats on the leopard adelle, Lvobsessed415! I see that it has already arrived :yahoo:Very nice bag!

    To everyone else who's waiting like me, update us when you get your stuff!! :heart: :upsidedown::push:
  13. I am waiting for a vernis amarante cles!!! i can't wait :yahoo:
  14. I am waiting for my black mc bandeau scarf!
  15. Im not waiting at the moment, but like, i was wondering whether some ppls UPS or Fed EX delivery people drop the package off on your doorstep if you aren't home, or if they don't deliver it and just drive off if you're not home?? I've heard some people say different things.