Who Else Is Upset With All The Flaws Happening With New Bbags???

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  1. Ok, so I've gotten to thinking about this... Has anyone ever pursued bag replacement from Balenciaga for a defective bag? This is kind of a carry over from another thread about the yellowing issue...

    Has anyone ever contacted Balenciaga in regards to this issue and tried to get them to replace your bag? I'm just wondering if anyone has ever "tried", and if so, what was the response? What are the proper channels to go through to pursue this?

    I know that LV has replaced MANY of their MC bags that began to yellow and I sincerely think that Balenciaga should do the same.

  2. I think most of the people who have had problems with their bags have bought them on eBay and not from BNY so I don't believe they would have been able to get much relief from BNY if they tried.
  3. They are so so strict. Once it goes past the 10 days aren't you out of luck?

    I would think they should be a little less strict when it comes to defective bags, though (if bought directly from them). That's just unfair to pay so much for a bag and have it peel or rip, etc... a $1000+ bag shouldn't do that, IMO... or at least not so soon as some of them do. I guess they figure that they don't know how that person's treated their bag, so they can't take it back...
  4. IMO, it shouldn't matter where the bag's been, where it came from or how it's been treated (within reason)...as long as it's authentic, balenciaga should provide customer service to their customers:girlsigh:...because, regardless of where the bag was purchased, it's a balenciaga product & therefore, the owner is a balenciaga consumer...companies like chanel & LV would never turn away a customer who brings a bag in for repair, regardless of where it was purchased...i bought a chanel off e-bay, brought it straight to the chanel boutique on 57th street in nyc & there were happy to help me :smile:

  5. i agree to a certain point but what if you bought a pale pink bag that was yellowing or one that was damaged for $300 on eBay? should they fix or replace it for free? if they replace it, then you get a $1195 bag for $300. that is quite a deal. same deal if they repair it. also, i don't think it is fair to compare Balenciaga to Chanel or LV. Balenciaga has two stores -- NY and Paris. Chanel and LV have SO many more. Balenciaga basically does not have people who do these replacements. stylefly lucked out when she had them do her shoulder strap but otherwise the store just sends them out for repair.
  6. That's exactly right and the handles that they made for me were made in Italy by the same people that make the bags. The cleaning and stud replacement that I've had done in the past has all been performed by a third party that they contract work out to.
    They told me at Corporate straight up once that they are still a small company and are finding it a bit difficult to deal with all of the repair and customer service issues even with the relatively small number of bags sold.
  7. JMO, but if I buy a $1,000+ bag and it is defective -- I will raise holy heck if I cannot get it replaced.

    Again, JMO, but I think it is totally and completely unacceptable for a company that is manufacturing and selling a so-called high end luxury item to not warranty the product as well as a $15 bag from Target is warranteed.

    I have NEVER heard of a company that does not warranty against DEFECTIVE MATERIALS or WORKMANSHIP in a new bag.

    Sorry for the huge rant, but this is something that really tick me off:cursing: :cursing:
  8. ITA robyn, if they can't handle their customers sufficiently, maybe they shouldn't be producing so many bags :shrugs:...i never suggested that they replace or repair anything for free, but they should offer replacements for defective merchandise & repair for things that need fixing @ cost to the customer (regardless of where the bag was purchased)...i've heard of many PFers who have contacted them about repairs & they want nothing to do with it & that's not cool IMO :girlsigh:
  9. i do not believe that BNY and Balenciaga are one and the same. as such, the store is not responsible for repairing or replacing bags. LV and Chanel are different. i believe LV can only be purchased from an LV store or a boutique within a store (or eluxury, which has some relationship with LV). it may be the same with Chanel? however, when you buy balenciaga at a store like Barneys or Susans, you are buying it from the store and not from Balenciaga. as such, i think the store where you bought it should be held responsible for fixing or replacing a bag. it does not make sense from a business or legal perspective that a small boutique like BNY should be responsible for the bags that are sold everywhere else. BNY cannot be expected to warranty a bag purchased at Barneys.

    since BNY and Balenciaga are not the same, i think any anger about Balenciaga warranties should be directed at corporate and not at BNY.
  10. When/if the handles darken do they offer something to help clean them, at least?

    Also with tassels splitting - soo many ladies have trouble finding replacements. For a $1000 bag I think they should always have tassels on hand:push:

    Good point!:yes:
  11. ^^ i agree to disagree :cutesy:
  12. There is nothing you can do when the handles darken, similar to when the handles on an LV begin to develop a patina. Just the nature of the leather.... I guess you can have the handles on an LV replaced? I am not sure it is realistic for BNY to have handles for all style bags in all colors from all years...

    This isn't directed at anyone in particular but why do people insist on purchasing these bags knowing all the "problems" they have?

    caveat emptor....
  13. you could disagree but it is a fact. you can only buy LV from LV. from what I understand, the same is true of Chanel. BNY does not distribute the bags, Balenciaga does so when Barney's orders their bags, they do not order from BNY, they order from Balenciaga.
  14. I totally agree with the whole tassel thing. That is just crazy that you can spend that kind of money on a bag and not be able to get replacement tassels which is what makes the bag IMO. I called BalNY and tried to get black tassels. They told me they were out and didn't know if and when they were getting more:confused1: Black?? Come on Balenciaga, give me a BREAK!!! They should just give you a few sets when you buy the bag if they won't send replacements. Thanks for listening to me rant!!!
  15. ^aren't sure if they'll be getting in BLACK tassels!? NO WAY! :wtf:

    Chigirl - I bought the bag, well.. because I wasn't "aware" of the the "problems" they have that can't be fixed by Bal. I figured if the bag ever needed anything (tassles, cleaning, etc), I'd easily be able to get it done :sad: ..and I know the ? wasn't directed at me, but I thought I'd put my answer in anyway :yes:
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