Who else is over “stacking” jewelry?

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  1. I am! Now I just want one piece of bracelet. Bringing it back to “classic”. Who is with me?
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  2. I really do not want my fine jewelry scratched up, so I never stack. Plus, I guess I am more into classic than trends, as you mention. But the main thing is keeping my nicest things in great condition to gradually give my daughters. I can understand stacking more with inexpensive jewelry, but I am wanting to enjoy the pieces I have and still have them remain in excellent condition in the future.
  3. I was over it from the get-go. I'm not sure how people can wear all that at once comfortably or keep it in good condition. I can wear a maximum of 2 bracelets on the same wrist at once and I can wear 2 necklaces at once. How people have a 4 inch stack on their wrist or 5 different necklaces on boggles my mind.
  4. I keep my stack to 3 slim bangles I inherited from my mom and grandma and I wear two rings on one finger because the bottom ring needs to be sized so the top ring keeps it in place lol. To each their own, but some stacks are just excessive and look messy imo.
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  5. I have to admit, I love seeing a good stack on others but when it comes to my jewellery I prefer one bracelet and a maximum of two necklaces. Not keen on stacking rings (again I love the look on others) as fingers are a size 7 and it is not comfortable to wear more than one ring at the same time.
  6. Personally feel it takes away from the beauty of each piece. But do admire on others!
  7. Sometimes I stack.....sometimes I do not stack. I never gave it a thought to be over doing it.
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  8. Stacking doesn’t look good on me and I don’t believe that it’s an elegant look overall. I wear jewellery to elevate my look so have never stacked. However, my wedding set is my wedding ring, engagement ring and eternity ring so I guess that’s a stack!
  9. I love stacking my cartier love with my cartier JUC and sometimes I’ll wear a couple of my VCA bracelets or Fope bracelets but if I’m honest I do prefer just my two cartier bracelets together...... I used to be obsessed with Hermes clic clacs and had over 20 and no I never wore them all at once lol, but I’d often wear a couple together with my two cartier bracelets, I hardly wear them nowadays and I’m gradually selling them all.
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  10. I have never been into stacking, and usually wear only one or at the most two bracelets. With necklaces, I usually prefer one but I might wear two if they are of different lengths and of a more delicate/thinner style.
  11. I'm not into stacking, on me it looks silly. But there are people who make it look great - i.e Heart Evangelista
    But at the same time, in my culture we do wear lots of gold bangles and I think that can look great in the right place and on specific people.
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  12. I have skinny wrists, so I don't even look at bangles, lol, I admire the look of them on others, though I know that even if I could wear them, they'd get too heavy. I love the look of stacking a few necklaces that compliment each other, especially of varying lengths, but when I get dressed, I almost always wear only one chain. :noworry:
  13. I think many stacks are well done but some are too much or clash. The annoying thing is that jewelers are touting the stack, which is obviously a way for them to sell more jewelry so I am sure they love it.
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  14. The only things I stack are pearls. I will layer strand & a couple of bracelets. I will also stack some of my NA jewelry but that's about it. I don't like stacking chain necklaces because they always get tangled. I prefer to wear a single chain with a really nice pendant.
  15. I love it when other people stack. It looks so cool and stylish. It can really make an outfit.

    However, when I do it on myself I cant get it right. I seem to either look too much or just messy and weird. I don't think I ever got the art of it. If I had a live in stylist (LOL, maybe in another life) who could do it for me, bring it on. I cant seem to do it myself.
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