Who else is obsessed with tunics?!


    I seriously have a problem...I cannot stop buying and wearing them!!

    Please post pics/descriptions of your fav tunics! :nuts: :yahoo: :heart:
  2. oh, what a great idea. i really love tunics.
    i would like to see pics, too!
  3. I'm in the same boat as you, i think i have about 15 now, maybie more i love them all! i couldn't choose my fave
  4. I like them but have to be honest I've struggled to find ones that I truly love
  5. Me!! I love any tops that are longer....I have massively long legs and a shorter torso, and they help balance me out....fantastic!
  6. Yeah, I consider myself kind of hippy (not in the retro style) so I love tunics because they kinda hide that part of me! :smile:
  7. You are making me laugh. I think you summed it up great! Tunics are perfect for hippy hippies. ;)
  8. I love them..they make me look longer and leaner. I especially love wearing them with great jeans. I look like I'm 6 feet tall but I'm only 5'5...lol
  9. Tunics are so great!! I love them. I even bought the same one in two colors:yes:
  10. Me!!! I love them. Very flattering. :smile:
  11. love tunics - but haven't found yet my perfect one. I keep buying and selling them - they are never long enough or too hippish (in the retro sense ;), so I would love to see pics and some suggestions.
  12. same here can't get enough tunics.
  13. Same here! Would love to see pics of others in theirs as it makes it so much easier looking for designs and shapes when you've seen them work well on others
  14. I keep buying them too! Love the look, especially since I have a big butt! At least it covers it a bit

  15. Lol, you're hilarious. I love tunics! I like to pair it with my footless leggings or skinny jeans. It's pretty hard to stay away from them!