Who else is Not Impressed?

  1. I've looked at the Cruise Ligne for 2008 and I have to be honest, I'm really not impressed.

    I glanced at the spring 2008 collection and nothing really jumped off the page.

    I believe this is why I purchased my classix flap, just because its a classic. And Since Fall of 2007, I really haven't seen anything thats impressed, especially with the quality, (modern chain for cruise) Maybe thats why Classic lines are so popular now, because Chanel's designs aren't up to par, anyone agree?

    Whats going on?

    What other bags will you be bying instead of Chanel for spring?
  2. :p:pOpps Typos * classic* *buying*
  3. LOL! I have to say that alot of people say this every season!

    That said, I haven't even looked, I need not to be tempted;)
  4. Well, for me anyway, I'm always least impressed by seasonal, trendy bags, so none of the sequined, shaded, ice cubed, vinyl, lucite handled, etc. etc. bags from Cruise appeal to me in the least. :p I want to carry my bags forever (and yes, times may change, as well as tastes, but I know my won't with respect to classic flaps and there must be a reason why the classic flap has been around for decades hehe)! :nuts:

    I'm waiting for the new reissues in purple, green, navy, etc. and if the classic flaps come out in caviar (yellow, bright blue! :drool:), I'd be all over them too! :nuts: For me, I'd take a classic flap, or reissue, over a Cruise bag anyday hehe, so you're not alone in your sentiments! :love:
  5. I agree. :yes:
  6. Happy New Year Everybody!:flowers: I agree with Biondina on the current cruise and Spring collections ...I went by the boutique today and they had some pieces from both collections ..didn't like anything in particular but I think we have said that too when we saw them at the Chanel site..
    As far as bags are concerned I fully agree with Minal!:yes:;)
  7. i haven't seen anything that i really want. i like the paris biarritz but i dont know if i really want it. no other bag is appealing to me right now. i have my sights set on jewellry for 08. cartier look out here i come.
  8. I need to say something after many many months of purseforum hiatus. I'm appalled at the new Cruise 08 and S/S 08 designs! They're nothing CHANEL! I see it as they're trying to catch up to LV's tacky designs. The jewelry is like that of a 4 yr old's dress up jewelry but tack on the CCs it's 1000$ for a necklace! I'm engrossed by the sequins, the 'miroir' like plastic designs. Chanel SA is gonna see sky high profit margins this coming 2008 by making cheap bags like these. 2 words for 2008 S/S: PLASTIC and TACK!
  9. Yeah, I wish they would stick with more classic design and materials. Some of the stuff is scary. I am definitely starting to browse around to other designers.
  10. I'm not impressed either and my money thanks me lol
  11. I agree Biondina but I take it as a blessing. I had too much fun in 2007. :upsidedown: However, I have fallen in love with the jumbo flap lately.:love:
  12. Same here. I didn't buy any bags from cruise. I thought some of them were kind of cute, but they just weren't for me.
  13. not that impressed either but trendoid that i am, did get the Melrose gradient drawstring tote and get many compliments! and to balance out its trendiness, got the dark brown classic expandable flap too which has been my HG bag for many months! lol teehee
  14. I'm not. Granted, I generally don't go for trendy bags but I kind of thought this seasons were particarly "not great".
  15. There was nothing in the cruise that tempted me. There was a coral bag (the hollywood I think) that could tempt me if it makes it to sale time. I am just waitlisted for the purple reissue. If that does not blow me away I will probably get a classic e-w or m/l flap and a white timeless clutch that I will be able to carry for years.