Who else is LOVING Alexander Wang/Errin Wasson duo??

  1. i've been stalking all the styleblogs the past couple of days (seeing as it is fashion week and all :p) and i absolutly fell in LOVE with this picture essay....
    the clothes, the mood, just everything....ahh if only i could afford it all :angel:

    images courtesey of style.com. and alexanderwang.com via fashiontoast.com
    AW1.jpg AW2.jpg AW3.jpg AW5.jpg AW4.jpg
  2. another two:
    AW6.jpg AW7.jpg
  3. I've had my eye on those ripped denim shorts in picture #5 for some time now... I am so buying them or making my own for summer :p
  4. Tutu, I'm in love with those denim shorts too! They are so great! Do you have any idea where I can get my hands on a pair? I really want to buy them. :drool:
  5. Loving the sweater in the third picture
  6. yay i'm happy this thread got bumped up again!
    love my chloe, since i can't afford to buy the alexander wang ones i'm just going to stick to eBay. there's an amazing store that sells vintage cutoffs for 15 dollars!! i think the seller is "whitebige"
  7. love his stuff! wish they'd sell it over here too!
  8. ME! Love Alexander Wang.
  9. i adore :heart: alexander wang!
    his clothes are so effortesly chic...those ripped denim shorts are just great. Shopbop had them for a while (for just 2 or 3 days) and now they are all gone...were they sold out so quickly? well, i dont know but the pic is not there anymore.
    I ordered the oversized white tee just yesterday and cant wait to receive it!!! I know it is semi-sheer but i love its shape (i just hope i ordered the right size).
  10. ^
    Satineboutique also had them for preorder but also ran out pretty quick :/
  11. great stuff!!!!
  12. my dream is to marry alexander wang and have him make me clothes everyday
  13. wow. super cute stuff. thanks for posting.
  14. I love a good editorial shoot - some of them are like art!

    Those pics are gorgeous, although is it Erin in all of them? Some of them look like a different girl!
  15. here's a photo of erin wearing her favorite alexander wang oversized u neck tee
    i :heart: it.