Who Else Is In Love With The Signature Lurex Goodies???

  1. A little bit of background here...
    I work full time for the Army National Guard in Oregon for the State Aviation Officer. Therefore, I am in uniform all day long!!! I carry all of my stuff in my large Carly, but she gets safely locked away in my little cabinet so nothing will happen to her! As I am not out and about and in an office most of the time, this is practical. I wanted something smaller than a wallet to consolidate my ID's and credit cards into that could fit easily into my cargo pocket for easy access.
    What better to fit this bill than a mini skinny??
    I visited the newly opened Coach store up in Tigard, Oregon over the weekend and realized that I was in love with the pink lurex signature mini skinny, and purchased it on the spot! I do also adore the wristlet in gold...mmm....DH said he would get me each of the pink items, but I don't see myself using the pouch much except for a makeup case maybe. This purchase came after snagging the Jenilee black signature ballet flats from Nordstrom...hee!!!

    Anyway! I just wanted to share my great little purchase that is functional for work and has already gotten a lot of comments from people that can't help but notice the beautiful shine coming from my mini skinny when I pull it out to pay for something or get my ID out!!!
    The picture shows black, but I got pink/silver. YUM!

    My other best purchase as of late was the chelsea turnlock signature wristlet. In all black, it is quite classy looking and will do well with dressy frock detail or with jeans and flats. It's versatile and will definitely, like other Coach products, last a lifetime of uses!
    The picture is black/silver, but I got black/black. ZEXY!
  2. First of all, let me say THANK YOU!! for what you do for us by working in the Nat'l Guard! I applaude you!!!!

    Second...congrats on your purchases!!!! I am happy that you love them!!!
  3. oops-double post!
  4. I saw the pink lurex at the Coach store the other day and I loved it! Normally I wouldn't consider it my style but it totally appealed to me! I'm hoping to get a small accessory for Christmas!
    Enjoy your new mini-skinny! I'm sure it's fun to see it when you pull it out!
  5. I kinda like the metallic-y look to it. I'm thinking about giving Lurex Wristlets out as Christmas pressies?
  6. Absolutely!!!! They are fun gifts that the recipient can use for stuff like New Years parties and you know, hobnobbing with the celebs...hahahha!!!
    I love mine, it makes my uniform very very cheerful feeling now.
  7. I love the black lurex items but I still dont know about the pink. I am glad you like and congrats on your many purchases.
  8. pink is def not for everyone!!!!!
    Bright colors are fun in small items because they can cheer you up! :smile:
  9. Grats on the purchase! I want one of those as well! Super cute!
  10. I love the pink, and how sparkly it is. But I'm not such a big fan of mini signature. But it is adorable!!!
  11. I love the mini signature lurex. It's elegant and feminine! Enjoy it!

    . . . and Thank you National Guard! :tup:
  12. i love them! they are really fun and puts you in the mood for the holiday season =)
  13. Where did they just open a Coach store in Tigard? I haven't been to it yet! Did you know they made the one downtown in Portland in to a flagship store?? :heart:
  14. I love the lurex! Especially the gold and pink, but in small doses like a skinny or wristlet, but unfortunately I'm always a day late and a dollar short when they come around!
  15. I want to love them, but I don't like mini signature. :nogood: