who else is going to put off buying anything until...

  1. we see what is going on with prices? At least in mono?

    I have a 600 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, and I was thinking of an LH or bucket....but I am def. going to wait at least a week to see what's happening with the prices.
  2. It's making reconsider my 'want' list. My only future purchase was the Dentelle and it keeps going up instead of down LOL
  3. I'm pretty much done with mono... just have Multicolor and Damier on my list.
  4. Smart move. All I want is something in denim. Too bad they're not dropping those prices too!
  5. I'm getting into a vernis phase, but it's interesting to watch what goes down and what doesn't. Somehow I doubt vernis will be involved. :sad:
  6. Ah, crap... forgot about denim. I'd like a piece from that line, too.
  7. I am going to see what goes on untill I buy anything. With my luck, Ill buy something at full price, and the next day it will be cheaper!
  8. i wonder if any of teh smaller accessories will go down?

    Oh god, i really wish i knew what was dropping, i don't want to buy just to have that price drop!

    does anyone here know exactly WHY yet?

    and yes, i am puttin some purchases off a couple of weeks!
  9. I still want to get the damier, azur, MC, and suhali line but I have to wait. I was thinking of buying damier Illovo pm if the price decreases.
  10. seems like we're slowly gathering more news on what items will be decreasing, so i'd definitely wait....:yes:
  11. Yep, I'm gonna wait.
  12. Have I missed something?? Prices going down?? tell me more
  13. ^^ Yup, me too! I'm feeling lost. :confused1: :shame:
  14. check the shoppin subforum - lots of discussion on it :yes:
  15. ^ on my way