Who else is drinking tonight?


Oct 23, 2005
I'm on my third drink. Just finished dinner (grilled chicken sandwich and four-cheese bowtie pasta). Who else is chugging...errr, sipping... wine? Or any other alcoholic beverage? ;)
It is morning here, but I drank last night at DH's company X-mas party and then gave a rousing rendition of Michael Jackson't "Beat It", with moonwalk and pelvic thrusts included!!!! Fun times!!!!
Diet Mt. Dew - hard stuff. I wish I had something else in this house!!!!

We had a retirement party today at lunch at a steak house that has the most awesome cold beer, but we weren't allowed to have any. :sad:
I'm off and I'm about to get my drink on.

I'm heading over to my BF's house and we're gonna have a few friends over. I'm just going to get sloppy drunk tonight. I haven't done that since college. I need to release some tension.