Who else is drinking tonight?

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  1. I'm on my third drink. Just finished dinner (grilled chicken sandwich and four-cheese bowtie pasta). Who else is chugging...errr, sipping... wine? Or any other alcoholic beverage? ;)
  2. It is morning here, but I drank last night at DH's company X-mas party and then gave a rousing rendition of Michael Jackson't "Beat It", with moonwalk and pelvic thrusts included!!!! Fun times!!!!
  3. On my second glass of cabernet right now Cristina! CHEERS!!!!

  4. I'm drinking vodka. No ice, nothing. Cheers!
  5. beer here..LOL!
  6. Gray Goose and soda with Lemon please!

  7. What a bunch of lushes LOL!! Now......>:drinks:......2 hours from now......> :tispy:......tomorrow........>:throwup: ....:P Bottoms up!
  8. Oh, I wish. Sitting in a hotel room with no car :sad:
  9. Diet Mt. Dew - hard stuff. I wish I had something else in this house!!!!

    We had a retirement party today at lunch at a steak house that has the most awesome cold beer, but we weren't allowed to have any. :sad:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Love it MFT!!!:heart:
  11. i will be in about 2 hours. TGIF, ladies...cheers! :wlae:
  12. I have had 3 glasses of wine and one egg nog...now a mudslide. I have had a really bad day and want to forget for while!!!! :wtf: :wtf:
  13. ^^mudslide - yummmmm
  14. I'm off and I'm about to get my drink on.

    I'm heading over to my BF's house and we're gonna have a few friends over. I'm just going to get sloppy drunk tonight. I haven't done that since college. I need to release some tension.
  15. Drinking is fun, but I just realized my DH is not home from work yet.