who else here drinks coffee

  1. my mouth is fixtated on coffee :nuts:
    i drink tons and tons of coffee to pull through my dreadful days at work.

    is it bad for my skin?

    i get depressed when i dont have my daily dosage and i start gaining weight also..

    does anyone else have this problem?
  2. I'm obsessed with Starbucks...have to have atleast one a day!! I tried to stop..but I just came to realize I have to have it and it makes me happy, so oh well.:nuts:
  3. Yes, according to my dermatologist, caffeine is bad for your skin, because it dehydrates it. Try to drink herbal tea, but if you HAVE to drink coffee, make sure you drink a cup of water with every cup of coffee that you drink. :smile:
  4. I need my coffee too. This is probably TMI, but it also keeps me regular. :shame: :lol:
  5. I HAVE to drink coffee at least once a day..usually twice a day on weekends. I get the really bad headache if I don't. I also drink a lot of water so i'm not worried about dehydration. If you're drinking 4-5 cups a day then maybe I'd worry. Also if you work out regularly you're fine.
  6. coffeee cures my headache..

    and with drinking a cup of water to balance the coffee.. i will try that :]
  7. I love my coffee. If I run out I will be miserable. And make everyone else miserable, too. I love Millstone's Vanilla Nut Creme.
  8. i feel so aggrevated without the coffee..

    but after i drink my cup of coffee it's like the skies are clearer ...people get better looking... lol and life is good:beach:

    but guilt kicks in everyday after i finish it :[
  9. Love, love, love my coffee. I do try to drink a lot of water because it can dehydrate you. Also stains your teeth. I try to curb this by brushing with a polishing toothpaste after lunch, (in addition to morning and night, of course!) and again in the rare instance that I have coffee in the afternoon.
  10. :roflmfao: Me too.
  11. I loveeee my coffee. Don't think I can make it through the morning with out it. Started drinking it over 10 years ago when I discovered it curbed my appetite. I've cut down to 1 or 2 cups a day and changed to decaf due to the awful GERD.
  12. You are referring to the "Nectar of the Gods"! The only really good reason for getting up in the morning. Yes, I suppose I have a nodding acquaintance with the stuff!

    I have no less than 5 coffee makers, three of which permanently reside on my kitchen counter. Let me introduce them...

    1. Starbucks "Barrista" cappucino/espresso maker
    2. Capresso "Co0ffee Team Plus" with coffee grinder
    3. Senseo Single serving "European stylea' coffee maker. ( I call it my "one hitter"!)

    These three appliances are of greater importance to me than any other appliances in my kitchen!
    Yes, I guess I like coffee pretty well!
  13. A doctor on Oprah guaranteed that if you replace your daily coffee with green tea, you will lose 5 pounds in a month. Frankly, I would rather be 5 pounds overweight than live without my coffee! :lol:
  14. A pot a day is all I ask for :nuts: before you want me to move.:yes:
  15. lol sellmysoul... "nectar of the gods" i like that i like that :yes: :yes: