Who Else Hates Black Friday?

  1. I will not be leaving my house tomorrow. Period. I absolutely hate crowds to the point that going to Costco on a Sunday sends me into panic attacks. No deal is good enough to get me into a retail outlet on the busiest shopping day of the year. BAH HUMBUG!

    Does anyone else hate Black Friday, or am I the only one?! :shrugs:
  2. Don't worry. I have NEVER gone shopping on Black Friday. IMO, the deals aren't even worth the stress of the crowds and the lack of parking.

    A lot of those deals they have (like $250 laptops) are only good for the first 10 people, and those 10 people are guaranteed to have been camping out since Thanksgiving day. :yes:

    I avoid malls like the plague on Black Friday. It sucks cause it just so happens I want to pick up my Chanel watch tomorrow but now I have to wait until Saturday when the mall opens (although I'm sure it will still be busy on saturday).
  3. i hate crowds so i assume i'd hate black friday. not that i would ever venture to try it out... i also avoid shopping the last ten days or so before and after xmas. yikes!!! it's just sooo unpleasant. i have the whole rest of the year and i take good advantage of it so a few days off won't hurt me and there is always the internet :smile:
  4. ^Agreed. Friends and family online discounts are good enough for me!
  5. No way, it is such a waste of time... It's just really not worth it. So much time getting a spot, so much time shifting through crowds, so much time in line... I've never gone to the mall on Black Friday but a regular Saturday in the depths of December is enough to drive me up the wall, I can't stand it.
  6. I am not too big on it, too chaotic for me. Currently at my local Circuit City, there is a long line that's been out there since about 8pm and they open at 5am! And it's 25 F degrees outside!! I am sorry, but no deal could be that good to get me to sleep outside in the cold for 8 hours.
    Online shopping for me!
  7. We dont have black friday in the UK, it all sounds deathly. I thought it might have something to do with the stock market, but its about a major sale. Americans are so lucky with sales, we get 2 a year in the UK!!! I hope the people going to black friday enjoy themselves!x
  8. Oh, Hate, hate HATE Black Fridays. I'd rather be horse-whipped than to stick my head in one store on that day!!
  9. I don't even get out of bed on Black Friday.
  10. No shopping for me either -- my family visits and we just hang out.
  11. Never been out shopping on black friday & don't plan on it.
    Even though I don't want to be here (work) I'd still rather be here than shopping today!!
  12. I do not like to shop in crowds so will be avoiding the whole scene. I feel so sorry for the retail workers that have to get up at 3 am for a 4 am store opening.
  13. no way, I really hate black friday. im wrapped up in a fluffy blanket on my couch with my dogs cuddled up next to me and I have no intention on moving :p
  14. I refuse to go near any mall or big store. I don't even do xmas shopping. I order everything online. I will be getting mani/pedi and massage this afternoon. :choochoo:
  15. I would actually like to go to the mall if it weren't Black Friday :sad: Such an inconvenience.