Who else has received other people's purchases?

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  1. Recently I received a purchase of my own in addition to someone else's. The SA had likely been waiting on the tracking to say 'delivered' to contact me about it because she immediately got a hold of me asking what I had received and then asking me to return the other item. It was a somewhat disappointing ordeal because I'm sure she was very apologetic to the other customer (rightfully so), but was not very thankful that I took time out of my day to return the item the very next day. Her lack of concern gave me the impression that the mix up was someone else's fault (shipping department perhaps) and she was simply the SA that had made the sale.

    To make it clear, she did not apologize for the mix up, she did not thank me for returning the item, and her first text said, "I think you received our package in error..." as if I did not even make a purchase myself. If I'm sounding entitled or childish feel free to say so! :lol: It just rubbed me the wrong way.

    That all aside, I am thankful for the tPFer that tracked the seasonal item down for me!

    Does anyone have any similar stories to share?
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  2. I hear you.

    I would have texted the SA back and said something like “It would have been nice to be recognized for bringing this item back promptly. Instead, the staff made me feel XYZ.” You can also leave feedback on the LV website. The feedback is distributed back to the store managers.
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    I have a similar, but not with LV. I bought a ring on a sample sale rom a popular jeweler who handmakes. They send me the ring, but with the wrong stone. It was an emerald, not a sapphire. They emailed me, and I said, yes, but no biggie, it didn’t matter to me.

    of course they sold that one to someone else who got the sapphire and contacted them. So there was a 2 week period of waiting for the other person who wanted their emerald to send back my ring. I send the emerald right away.

    When I got the sapphire, I understood why she was insistent she get the emerald. The sapphire one was not nearly as nice and was made differently than that picture. (It was so tiny you can’t really tell which stone it is, so it was not the stone I’m sure.)

    While the store was apologetic for the mix-up, after receiving the ring that was not nearly as nice, I just lost my taste for that store. I Did not return it. But I was just turned off by the whole thing, and annoyed by the lady who insisted on the exchange, took forever, and did not bother to say, oh, you should probably not send this to the other buyer either.
  4. Your disappointment is understandable. They should have been a bit more gracious to you and made you feel appreciated with words and a nice store visit. :flowers:
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  5. I would have felt same. Even if CA wasn't directly at fault, she is part of LV after all so its one in the same as far as I see it. She should have apologized and thanked you especially since you took time to return it. If it were me, I might have even kept it if something I was waiting on..
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  6. I had this happen when I ordered the limited edition Chanel No. 5 in the red bottle. Came in a huge box and I realized there was the perfume but also a large Chanel box inside. I was initially like omg did they send me a bag in error lol (a girl can dream haha), but it was men’s cologne in a boxed set. I was not keen on the effort to ship it back to them, as I live in a rural community and have USPS, but Fedex and UPS are a small drop box only and I didn’t think the parcel would fit in the slot. I did the right thing and contacted them and they told me to keep it. I didn’t have a man who liked the scent, so I actually sold it on Poshmark lol and made like $75 which I considered paying myself back for the red No. 5. The customer service rep was very appreciative I contacted them, it said it was mine to keep and do with what I wished. Bottom line is it’s your effort and time to send it back, so I don’t think you are wrong to be annoyed about the situation and lack of acknowledgement for your extra effort. You could have been a jerk and lied and said nope you didn’t get it!
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  7. I ordered an LV bag online and was sent some LV boots. I called immediately to report the error and assumed the other person maybe got my bag, but perhaps not. It was a shipping error, obviously, but I don't know what created it. I looked at the invoice for the shoes and I saw no similarity of address. They just asked me to return what I'd received and they would send out my original item.
  8. I would have expected the SA to say something nice and appreciate the fact that you sent the parcel back straight away, I think that's completely normal! :flowers:
    It wasn't your fault that you received the wrong item and as someone above said - to me, all LV employees represent the brand and it doesn't really matter if it was the SA personally who made a mistake or not.
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  9. I get it. Of everyone involved you had the biggest inconvenience placed on you. You had to deal with texts and phonecalls, print out a return label I would imagine, pack a box, drive it out to the shipping place, wait in line ....Like that is a HUGE PIA. Even if you didn't do all that, you did more than you should have and in a very timely manner. You also had what should have been a pleasant experience for you (receiving your item) turned into a project. :hrmm: The SA should be thanking you profusely for making it better for all involved.
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  10. I don’t know about you guys but I would be expecting some kind of gift for returning a parcel that was sent wrongfully to me. Like perfume samples or whatever, something small, not even simple thank you from the SA.
    Otherwise she could come and get it from my place, not me losing hours or whatever for someone else’s fault and not even a thank you (or gift) in the end!
  11. Once I received a package from the online boutique without ordered something. It was a Handy case. I called Thema and had to explain several times what happened. The SA on the phone was Kind of rude and didn‘t understand what I meant because she couldn‘t imagine that this fault happened. I was not amused because of her attitude, but finally able (!) to send it back. Faults can happen, but I wished they would be nicer on the phone because I called them to say: hey, I have an expensive phone case and it‘s not mine
  12. :lol: Yes, it struck me as odd that they absolutely needed it back, as if it is important to them (understandable) and yet they have no gratitude when they get it back, as if it is not important at all. Bottom line, I didn't feel as if I was being treated like a customer let alone a customer that was also being inconvenienced. The text correspondence felt similar to speaking with a supervisor at work.
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  13. Luckily, LV uses UPS shipping that gives you a QR code to scan at the UPS store so they can print the label for you. It's so bizarre that it's 2019 and I never have access to a printer.
  14. I should mention that the UPS shipping confirmation was "Exhibit A" in this case --- the weight exceeded what it should have and the packages also had the name of the other customer on them with my address below it. So it was this big mix up with a trail of bread crumbs pointing to me. I'm sure some people in this situation might have denied receiving anything else, but the UPS driver would possibly remember delivering two boxes and the weight seemed to indicate that the additional box was not empty (though it could have been). So I knew very early on that I was likely to receive something I did not order, and I couldn't be sure I was even going to receive what I had ordered.
  15. One of the reasons you should have been properly thanked is that by law you are not required to pay for or return the item. This is true even if it was sent in error. My guess is that the SA knew this and was hoping you didn't. Ethically you did the right thing, though, and your SA should have acknowledged that to you.

    I have never been sent anything in the mail, but I have been "given" things in my shopping bag that I did not pay for. Like you, I immediately returned the items but did not receive much of an apology or thanks. Sometimes I think they would prefer to deny that it happened.
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