Who else has had problems with Neiman Marcus shipping???

  1. I'm waiting on a bag I bought that was supposed to be here today, but the SA is off. I left a message for her to call me, but I am totally freaking out!! What do I do?!?!
  2. I have not had a problem with NM per se but I did just have a big problem with UPS. Unfortunatley they lost my bag, said they found it, then lost it again!!
    Remain calm and call your SA tomorrow and get the tracking info...Good luck, Japs!!
  3. I have the BEST luck with NM shipping. Crossing fingers and knocking wood because my Outdoor tote is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

    Japs, sometimes with regular ground shipping the package will sit on the dock for a day or two if the Shipping Department is backed up with packages to send. That happened to me once when I ordered a Paddington from the Atlanta store. I ordered on a Monday and when I called on Wednesday for a tracking number the box was still sitting on the dock waiting to be shipped! I made them upgrade to overnight and eat the extra cost. :biggrin:
  4. Thanks ladies... its just a rare bag and I WANT IT NOW!!

    Mac... are you talking about your soft vintage? Did they find it yet?
  5. this is what happened to Jill, she now has ups afraid of her.
    when did the sa said she shipped it out. usually it goes up for packaging and does not leave until the next day. and most of the time its regular ups shipping.
  6. Whenever I order something from NM, it comes via Fedex Express Saver, which always require signature. It never came via UPS. That's strange. Anyway, if you didn't ask for Overnight or 2nd day, it takes 3-5 days to arrive. Call your SA tomorrow and ask for Tracking#.
  7. Mine has always been Fed Ex and I've never had a problem.
    :sad: Sorry you are.
  8. my one package took longer once and my sa was not in for the next 2 days. the sa that answered the phone was kind enough to look into her book and gave me the tracking #. maybe they can do the same for you?
  9. I may have an explanation. I've only received Fedex shipments from NM. If the purchase is over a certain amount (or if it is a busy shipping time) they have a third party do their shipments. So they are not done from the store but from another location. Both my SA and NM shipping have confirmed this.

    Call the store and ask for shipping. They will ask for your last name and zip code and can search for packages shipped to you. They can also track but will not give you the tracking number.

    Good luck!
  10. I had 2 lost packages when ordering from 2 different NMs, I am sure you all read about my drama on my thread "I cried over my 2 lost packages from NM." I eventually got both items refunded back to my account but it was so much hassel..........esp. with Vegas NM, bad service....different dept said different thing........and yes, they would not give you the tracking number.....but you SA will contact Fedex for you, and if indeed is lost, they will file claim with Fedex and they will refund you the money......but I swear I will never ever place phone order from NM.......
  11. FedEx left a $2,000 bag from Saks on my doorstep. I nearly died when I saw the box just sitting there.:nuts:
  12. J!
    I had a problem with UPS when Saks shipped to me. The SA put the wrong address on the shipping label and luckily the address did not exist so UPS held it at their center. Can you believe if someone else got their hands on my bag because the SA put down the wrong address? Mine was supposed to come on thurs b/c i did the 2 day shipping and friday morning it still wasnt there so I called the SA and she found the tracking # and told me of the situation. Does NM give the clients the tracking #'s or not like Saks?
  13. ^ Nope, I was told by the SA that NM's policy is not giving out tracking number to customers.....the SA and the shipping & receiving dept is supposed to track for you.
  14. Recently, an SA got my shipping label mixed up with another customer's and she got my bag and I got hers. I sent hers back right away, but she held onto mine for about 3 days! I totally freaked out and got all paranoid that the other person might have pulled a bait and switch(the SA was new(at LV NM) and wasn't around when that particular style was made so I was paranoid that she wouldn't know if it was switched or not. lol). It was shipped FedEx. I'm not too keen on FedEx, they always come much later than they say they will or do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. My SA called to tell me she accidentally switched the labels and that the other person already had my package, but I hadn't received hers yet so I told her to contact FedEx so they wouldn't deliver it to me and have them just reroute it back to the store. Anyhoo, my SA said she'd do that but the next day, FedEx still delivered it to me!:rant: NM has shipped to me without requiring Signature except for packages from LV NM(those require sig).

    japs, your package is probably on its way to you. Your FedEx guy was prob running late or behind(had this happen to me before, too) and will most likely deliver your package tomorrow.:yes: I'd definitely call your SA to get tracking on it, though.
  15. :Push: oh dear i shouldnt of read this thread! i'm getting something shipped from NM to New Zealand! :wtf: oh well, we'll see what happens!!!

    i hope everything works out, japskivt :flowers: