who else doesn't have a first in their bbag collection?

  1. i was just wondering if there are others like me who don't own a classique/first in their bbag family. my first bbag was a classique/first, but i ended up selling it to fund a different bbag. :p

    now, i'm ready for one.:yahoo: currently, i have a twiggy, purse, city, and day.

    so for those of you who do own a first, how often do you carry yours ~ night and day? always? occasionally? never?

  2. good question, odd!!
    I only have a Cafe City now but I'm ready for a new one..I thought about getting the first..then I thought about the part-time then also the twiggy (I know..I'm very indecisive!!..but now I'm back to thinking of the first..

    the only thing is..I'm not sure if I like the "rounded corners" and whether it'd be too "small" to fit my big bulky sony digital camera!!!

  3. me (as of this moment) but i hope to add one sooner or later. I've had 4, for some reason it just doesn't stick! When i did, I only carried it for quick errands or when i didn't want to carry the whole world with me. I used it for nights out too, it's small enough for fit behind my booty on the barchair (but not the stools, i'd probably push it right off)
  4. I still have my first bag and i've been using it every day even to work or out with frnds....i'm now eyein for another first again....heheheheh
  5. thanks fennelcake! i've had the same reservations about the first being too small, but i did have a chance to try it again at a boutique. it didn't seem too small, and it would definitely fit the essentials that i carry in my city, day, purse, or twiggy. i also have a bulky canon digital camera, but my DH can carry that in his manpurse. :roflmfao:

    i am super indecisive, so you're not alone. :p
  6. My first Bbag was a First. It lasted only a couple of months with me and decided to part with it because it was too small. Now the Work is the only bag for me. I have recently decided I would love a Jaune Bbag when they come out and the only colour in that style that would suit me would be the First. So, soon the First will make it back to me! I plan only on using it for special occasions, when I am shopping by myself without the kids. It's a nice feeling not having to carry around nappies & wipes every now and again!
  7. I just bought my first one, so I'll let you know how it works out. I prefer cities, but sometimes it's too big and I lose my stuff in it. Maybe the first will work out for me.
  8. As much as I love the style, I don't own a First cos it's just too small for me. Not only am I 6 feet tall, which will make the First look absolutely teeny on me, I also have the bad habit of carrying around too many things with me, that will absolutely not fit into a First.

    The Work is perfect for me, and so I sate my lust for Firsts by checking out all the GORGEOUS ones on tPF! :yes:
  9. I have more Firsts than any other style – I normally do not have much to carry around, and it suits my frame. On the other hand, the Purse and Day do not suit me at all.
  10. I have 2 Firsts. I go thru periods where I don't want to carry everything I own with me and that is when they get used and they are great and soooo cute. They hold a fair amount of stuff. But then I usually swing back the other way and end up using my Weekender and carrying everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING -- I might possibly need. I think I might have to try a Work next.
  11. Well, I bought a Greige first a few months ago and never used it because soon after buying it I bought a Natural Shoulder and ordered a Sandstone Work. I don't want to have to many light bags in my collection AND want a brighter color for a First so I just sold it this week. I think I am either going to get an Ocean Blue, Mystery Green or Rouge First from the Fall colors! I can't wait!
  12. I shouldn't post in this thread since I own 4 classics
    ( but I have to downsize the collection to 3 :sad: ...)

    I love the First style, IMO it's great :
    - to carry essentials when you are shopping (I use the strap)...
    - to go out for evening it's classy but not too much...

    Here are the 4 babies :
    Black from Fall 2004



    Emerald SS06

    Cornflower SS06
  13. When I first started buying BBags I thought I would never own a first because I just thought they were too small.

    Now I own 3!! I love them. They are great for quick errands, nights out and days where you will be walking around alot and don't want to carry a ton of junk.

    The nice thing is they actually can carry more than you think.

    I have a Red, Black and White. I am on the list for a couple of fall colors as well.
  14. It's the same with me, odd :rolleyes: ! When I began my bbag purchases I ONLY had firsts/classiques ..... but sold all of them. Now I only have city, days and purses - they fits perfect on me. But anyway I think that I should get 1 first to my collection :shrugs: ?!
  15. i dont have a Bbag yet....coming soon thou;)

    first time i saw balenciaga at this forum....i went to the nearest Barneys (1 hour drive) and checked out the first and city...i prefer the city but DH likes the first coz im petite.

    i think the first is more of a personal handbag and its very versatile like a day/evening bag with the proper get up.

    the leather is sooooooooo nice and the colors are dreamy. motorcycle style is just not me....and so my quest for my first Bbag....goes on!

    it was crazy...driving 3 hours (NM San Diego) just to check out the arena multi-color bag :p but i think, i found my baby. Thanks to a friend who visited BalNY!