Who else can't wait for Summer colours?

  1. Even though I am :banned: until May...I keep going to the lovely LP's site every day to fawn over the new colours that are coming soon! I have never owned a Work...so I think I will take the plunge...
    I am most excited to see Bleu Glacier, followed closely by Cobalt.
    What is everyone else looking forward to seeing 'in the flesh":smile: ?
  2. ME ME ME! :yes:
    i want to see all colours before making any decision :p
  3. I can't wait to see the Anthracite IRL :graucho: I just imagine it will be gorgeous and unusual :love:
  4. ANTHRACITE! ANTHRACITE! ANTHRACITE!!!!! I cannot wait for this color, its veiled in so much mystery....will it be good? will it be horrible? will it be GREAT?!
  5. Me!!! I can't wait to see cobalt in person. :smile:
  6. Me, too!!! I am dying to get a day in cobalt or blue glacier, but I want to see both side to side before I decide. This month is going to drag!
  7. yep me too!!! when are they coming out, end of feb or march?
  8. I am waiting to see what Argile looks like ...
  9. argile and blue glacier for me!!! how will it compare to teal and BI??? I'm so intrigued!!!!!

    btw long time no see, stylefly sweetie!!!! sending big kisses to canada (no customs required) !!!!! :tender:
  10. Me too .... can't wait to compare the COBALT and BLUE GLACIER with the '05 teal :yes: !! And want to see the anthracite and argile IRL :drool: :p
  11. Right back at you, Greek Goddess-girl:drinks: !!! Where have you been?
  12. Can't wait for the anthracite !:yes:
  13. ME!!!!! I am in soooo much trouble this summer. All of my must-have colors are being released all at once. Argyle, cobalt, bleu galcier, and anthracite. I cannot wait to see more of these.
  14. Waiting for Blue Glacier and Cobalt....
  15. waiting for cobalt!