Who else ate too much pie?

  1. I ate the last of the pumpkin pie this morning:rolleyes: and that's it -- no more pie for another year!
  2. I did good! I only ate one small piece of dessert yesterday. Unfortunately, my mom sent a plate of desserts home with me so they're in my fridge. :sad: If I can avoid the fridge long enough, hubby will have eaten them all!
  3. My friend makes the best apple pie. I had three pieces yesterday. Yup, I pigged out. Gotta cool it now.
  4. Yep. Pumpkin pie and REAL whipped cream, oh yeah.
  5. I wish! I would kill for a piece of pumpkin pie, but I am sooooo paranoid about the potential weight gain that I skipped it yet again.
  6. I ate too much of everything!! :lol: We still have one & half pumpkin pies left along with half of a sweet potato pie (with marshmellows on top!!) and half of lemon merigarine (spelling?). So, it looks like I will be eating more pie throughout the weekend.
  7. I'm still eating!!!!:throwup:
  8. I actually did pretty good, I had a slice of cheese cake made with fat free cream cheese... but then again, I was working so I was around the fresh food LOL, I got leftovers brought to me. I did pig out on candied yams and some really awesome potatoes.... but somehow i managed to only eat around 1600 calories yesterday.