Who doesn't like the new Epi colours like me?

  1. Yesterday I was at the store and I was so disappointed of the new Epi colours! I don't like them both! The bags are "kitchy" for me? Is anybody who feels like me?
  2. I saw them and thought they were beautiful, but they don't really go that well with my wardrobe. I still love the epi in the ivorie, it is just so classy looking.
  3. I was at the store the other day and totally forgot to look at them. :push: I definitely love it from seeing other people's pictures though.
  4. I think they don't go very good with different colours. Me personally I would wear it only with black clothes oder beige. And I would choose only a bag with not too much of silver hardware. I think the combination of the silver hardware with the purple ist too much (for me!!). But for me it's absolutely no question to buy a bag in these colours.:nogood:
  5. I liked the colors in the pictures but when I saw them IRL they were very different. They look great under the lights but when it was just sitting in the display case, the cassis looked almost brown and the grenade was very bright. I like Epi for being understated and classy so the new colors don't do anything for me. I am disappointed with these colors. The only thing I may end up getting will be a small accessory, a bag in these colors will be too much.
  6. I don't really like the colours on large bags, it just seems .. too much. I really love it on the smaller pieces, like the pochettes and the wallets, but on a bag, I think I'll pass on this season !
  7. I actually love the Cassis, I think it's very versatile. I wish they made speedy in Cassis. I am not too crazy about Grenade though.
  8. I do not care for the colors, too trendy.
  9. i'm not really into them either. they wont go with most things in my wardrobe and i don't see those colors lasting the test of time. my fav epi colors are still ivoire and myrtille
  10. I dont really like the colors.... I was looking for something richer !!
  11. The only one item that I like is Montaigne clutch in cassis.
  12. Not a fan... Love purple but not those hues per se. :nogood:
  13. Haven't seen IRL yet. These are my favourite colours but to be honest I wouldn't buy anything big like a purse but rather a wallet. A colour that I love and something that is tucked in my purse.
  14. They're lovely BUT I really don't like purple! not for me! :nogood:
  15. not a fan either, i think its too much on a big bag but on small pieces it looks nice.. but i dont think i'll be purchasing any