Who doesn't like the Monogramm Style?

  1. I would ask you, if anybody doesn't like the Monogramm Style and why and also which style of LV you like more then Mono.
    Me personally I like more and more the Damier (and Epi)and prefer it before the Mono.:yes:
  2. I don't have any LV bags, but from my trips to their boutiques, I like epi (even though I don't really like the feel, doesn't feel like leather), suhali, and damier azur. The monogram canvas, well, I'm not a fan of because it's everywhere! It just doesn't feel special or that luxurious anymore, and the 'superfakes' don't help either. If it was not so ubiquitous then maybe I would like it better.
  3. For the longest time I didn't like LV at all.

    Now I own Epi and Mono pieces.
  4. I like the mono, epi, damier and suhali. I do tend to avoid mono because of the vachetta issue, but some classic styles you can't get in other fabrics like the poppincourt and BH. I'm waiting for the Neverfull to come out in damier.

    I hope LV comes out with a new version - the classic monogram with some other handles - no not the new fall ones thou with ridiculous marked-up prices.
  5. i like it.
    i just wanted to come in to see who DOESNT like it!
  6. i was one of those who really hated the mono print and only like epi & damier. i just thought it looked really ugly but then it grew on me after many years. i finally got my first mono a few years ago and collected a couple more last year. but i still prefer epi and damier over the mono. i have to say though that there are a lot of great styles in the mono print that doesn't exist in the others.
  7. I think, that I'm just a little bit "tired" to see so many Monos! To wear a Mono-Bag here in Switzerland is nothing special, there are soooo much girls with them! At the moment I like Damier and Epi more, maybe that will change one day!? I'm not a very young lady, that's why I like to have something, what not everybody wear! On the same, I own just LV bags and I love this label very much!:tup:
  8. It's a classic.......timeless. Like LV.
  9. I think the mono is okay...it's too common though and there are so many mono fakes around. I only like certain styles in mono, like the manhattan pm/gm....i much prefer multicolor and epi, as well as denim and suhali.
  10. I am a big fan of the Monogram Canvas line.

    I don't care if it's everywhere or about the fakes that are out there... I bought my pieces because I liked them and could care less of what a random stranger thinks.
  11. Yup same here :tup:

    If I see someone with my same Monogram bag, I'll just think "Wow, we both have good taste!"
  12. I don't dislike mono but I prefer something less flashy. My faves are azur, damier and suhali.
  13. I like Mono. It is such a classic design. I just wish it was not faked as much.
  14. I love the Mono! I am more the always wear black, brown, grey or white type, colors are not me...but lots of the LV colors are gorgeous !
    After Neverfull MM and Manhattan, I am going to look at getting a black Epi! I always need a black bag!:tup:
  15. :yes::yes::yes:me too!:wlae: