who doesn't know what they're carrying???

  1. so, my daughter and i were shopping today, and i saw a woman with a bh. i am considering buying one of these and i have actually never seen one on anyone irl (which is a reason i am considering it). so, i approach her and say, oh- is that the batignolles horizontal? she said, what? your bag- is it the bh? she says, i have no idea. i'll check. so she goes to look in her purse to find out what it is. i stopped her. she said- i got it at that store... the one at copley... to which, with almost a 'duhhh' tone to my voice- LOUIS VUITTON? Yeah, yeah- that's the one. the thing is, the bag was real- i could see if someone got it on the street or at a party, but this was an authentic bag! how does someone NOT KNOW what they are carrying??? ESP. a LOUIS VUITTON???? :shrugs:
  2. Most people do not know the actual names of the bags. That's why SAs are so impressed when people like us walk in and ask for them by name.
  3. hahahah funny! i think you probably gave her the hint to REMEMBER the names of her bags from now on.
  4. deleted sorry :shame:
  5. yeah I think the average person doesn't know that name of their bag...unless they are one of us, or an LV enthusiast...
  6. i was suprised to find out that even the SAs on 5th ave didn't know the names of the bags!
  7. That is true, you would be surprised. Alot of people, myself included when I first started knowing about Louis Vuitton. My best friend has a Musette Salsa. She kept calling it a "messenger bag". :wtf:I actually told her what it was. She pulled out the reciept and said "Oh your right, I never bothered to look at that":shrugs:She brought it from Saks. Now that she is going to go to Law School, she is in her last year at Hofstra Uni, she says she wants the Big Backpack with the nylon straps. :roflmfao: I said what the Montsouris, my g-d woman, here I am struggling to buy Louis and I know the names off the top of my head, and you buy it with no problem and don't know what your buying, Uuh frustrating. But that's what happens when your obsessed like us on The Purse Forum, the truth is the "outsiders" or "average joes out in the real world" just don't know or care like we do. :confused1: Like it or not, to them it's just a bag. She probably won't buy any more Louis Vuitton once she gets her "backpack";)
  8. I agree :yes: To the average person, it's just a handbag. I'm like that with shoes, I'll know the brand but not the specific name/model.
  9. okay- that makes me feel better. it makes sense, too, now that you say it- people just buy their louis vuitton bag, or their coach, or whatever... and i thought SHE was crazy! I think it's the other way around... :smile:
  10. lol i thought for a moment while reading your post that the lady didn't even know the name of the store she got it from... hahahah wouldn't that be funny though?
  11. I am sure that years ago it was more common not to know the bags' names, but now, between ebay and eluxury.com, it is more common (especially with collectors like us!).

    I have to say, I don't know the names of my Non-LV bags (Coach, Tods, etc.).
  12. wowww! im impressed with her. it meant that she bought it because she really like the style and not because it's a LOUIS VUITTON!
    she's one honest people who doesn't care about status etc.

  13. So, true! And it's the opposite for shoe addicts.
  14. I don't know the name of one of my Dior bags actually.. :sweatdrop:
  15. haha cute thread! iono, I guess the average shopper at LV doesn't really care/know about the exact model that he/she's buying cuz most ppl are quite well off if they're going to LV. So they just go, look, choose, and buy. For me, I'm always looking for the EXACT thing that I want, so i end up browsing lotsa websites and somehow end up memorizing them....... *I only wish biology were this easy* lol