Who Doesn't Have a Mono Speedy???

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  1. If you don't have a mono speedy....why not???

    JUust curious....I have one...never use it...so I'm curious as to your reasons why you've never bought one!

    I pretty much bought it because it's a 'must have'....but I have other speedys I use more.
  2. I dont have it because I am too paranoid with the whole darkening of the patina thing.
  3. I don't have one because I have the speedy in damier & one in epi. I wasn't really a fan of the speedy until it came out in damier. I may change my mind one day though.
  4. I have one of course. It's my go-to bag. lol
  5. I have a Mono Speedy 30 and I'm using it today! (I'm at work!) I love the Speedy!!!! It probably should have been the first LV I ever bought, but I think it was the 3rd bag. But, I also have a Damier Speedy 30 as well. Go Speedy!!
  6. I don't have a mono speedy but I do have a cerise speedy. Never bought a mono one because it is too common....
  7. i used to have the mono speedy 30- it was my first lv. i sold it. too big for me. i have a speedy azur now (25 not 30- the size is perfect) and i think that's the only speedy i'll ever own. i'm more of a shoulder bag type of gal.
  8. I was that close to owning a speedy. I went into the LV store, bought the speedy 25 and returned it the same day. Now I am deciding which bag to get. But then again I want the speedy again. I am so confused.
  9. I don't have a mono speedy because I opted for the BH with children. I do have 2 other speedy's (i.e., mandarin and damier) :tup:
  10. I don't have one, but have DS instead. The reason is I dont like monogram print.
  11. I don't own a mono speedy. I know they are the quintessential LV bag, but I typically go for the road less traveled and I just see too many of them everyday, they kind of lost their specialness for me. I love the versatility and usefulness, I just have never taken the leap. Also everytime I get close a new LE comes out and I have to put the funds to use there! However, I must admit that photo in the celebrities section of Audrey Hepburn with her speedy is truly what elegance and beauty mean to me, so perhaps one day!
  12. I don't because I have a perf. speedy. I don't have it because I've just never gotten around to buy one, but I love the speedy, so I'll might be getting a mono or damier one this weekend :yes:
  13. I don't have one, I was never a Speedy fan...but I've changed my mind after my boy bought me the Damier Azur speedy and also after carrying a Keepall 45 for a while. So...I will eventually get the 30 and 35 in monogram I think :P
  14. I don't have a Mono Speedy, I have a Mini Lin Speedy. I like that I get the LV monogram and the dark handles. It is like the best of both worlds. Plus not everyone and their mother has one.

  15. ME!!
    I had a speedy 25, it was my first LV. Its been sold. Some day I might replace it, but right now i'm not missing it right now.