Who does NOT like the damier azur?

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  1. if you don't like it tell me why. i don't like it, but i can't put my finger on why not. i'm not trying to upset anyone, just want some feedback.
  2. Sorry I can't help you!!!!! I am in love with it! To me it's something with the color! Hopefully when I see it in person I would still love it!
  3. OMG, there are people who dislike Damier Azur? :wtf: :ban:*lol* Just kidding ;)
    Personally, I really like it, can't wait to see it in person :love:
  4. Hi!:smile:

    I usually love the Damier :heart: collection but I don´t like Damier Azur collection!
    I think this Damier Azur line:either you love it or you hate it.
    Personally,I find this natural cowhide leather mixed with light damier weird...:shrugs:
    But you know,it depends on taste!;)

  5. Most people pointed out that the light color might not look nice with patina... :shrugs: Is it that that you don't like?
  6. You are sooooooooo banned !! Nuh..just kidding...

    I am in love with it..
  7. just thinking would damier azur would be looking similar to White MC pieces with patina there both in light color(i mean light/ white canvas right?)
  8. The only think I don't like is that I don't see it as a year-round bag because of the light color.

  9. I agree.
  10. What I don't like is the color also. From some of the photos I saw it seemed as though the collection had more a blue, darker tint to it. I think that would have looked really nice.
  11. I LOVE Damier, but I just don't know about the azur if and when the vachetta patinas/dirties...it just seems like it would look really bad against the light canvas.
  12. The colour combo is simply too pale for my taste. :s

    I'm a natural blonde so I believe it would also wash me out somehow. :confused1:
  13. I love Damier Azur, currently lusting over the Saleya and pti..
  14. I don't like the colours.
  15. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I love it in some pics and not so much in others, I'll have to see it first before I make my decision. I'm leaning towards liking it though.