Who does NOT have quality issues with their Lumineuse PM Empreinte?

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Do You Have Quality Issues with Your Lumineuse PM Empreinte?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. #1 Apr 11, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
    Hi TPF'ers! I am looking to invest in my first empreinte bag and found a pre-loved one at a wonderful price!

    I would really love to pull the trigger, but I've read of so many issues being reported here from owners of the Lumi PM and how dissapointed they are, ect...

    Is it really only people with issues that posts here but the vast majority of Lumi PM owners do not have any issues? It's like if you search for a problem, you'll find a bunch of people gather around to talk about it if they had similar problems -- but the rest of the world who are perfectly happy without said problem would not bother to post...

    I'd like to do a poll and see who really does or does not have quality issues such as cracked sealant/cracking of the glazing and edges with their Lumi PM Empreinte bags? Especially the Lumi PM bags with the date code from 2011...

    I'd really appreciate if those who own this bag could please take the time to vote so I can pull the trigger on my first Empreinte bag :smile:

    Since I am buying preloved without a receipt I don't think LV would replace the bag for me once the issues start to show.. At the moment no quality issues yet -- just some scratches near the corner piping.

    I've attached some pics of the quality issues with the Lumi PM Empreinte that I've found while researching this bag.

    I don't want to miss out on this bag for fearing something that may not even happen...


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    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
    For your peace of mind, I would purchase the Lumi in store in case something like this happens. It looks like the glazing cracked REALLY bad.
  3. I agree, that's what I did. I really wanted an empreinte bag and the lumi suited my needs but I was afraid of the cracking handles so I decided to purchase in store just for piece of mind. At least that way I'm the original purchaser and have a receipt if I ever have a problem.
  4. My first Lumi has a bit of cracking so I got it exchanged for a new one. I've had absolutely no problems with the new one and SA said that the glazing issue had been fixed.
    As mdna said, for your peace of mind, I really would get it in store- the newer batches don't seem to have this problem, and even if it did, they'll exchange it.
  5. It is worth buying in the store. My 2014 lumi noir has perfect thick glazing and no problems so far. My SA said if glazing issue bring it back for a fix or new one they are that confident issue has been fixed.
  6. Mine was good for a year, I didn't think anything would happen to it after so much use, but eventually, it started to crack. I ignored the small cracks for months as it wasn't that bad but over the past few weeks they just got so bad that I felt the need to go into the boutique and address my concerns. They took my bag in and said that they would send it to Paris for repairs.. free of charge, now I'm just waiting to hear and see what will be done. There have been so many people that have had the same issues with this bag that it seems highly likely that the cracking will occur at some point especially with the older (if the problem has been fixed with the newer ones like has been stated). I would encourage you to buy new one from the store just so you can have the peace of mind that LV will take care of these quality issues should they appear.
  7. If we don't fix this cracking issue at all what will happen to the bag? Will it deteriorate completely?
  8. Mine has a crack in one spot! I consider myself lucky after reading some of these complaints. There may be more cracked Lumis out there from owners don't even notice or care. I think if LV is offering to fix it for free, they have gotten enough complaints so it may be best to stick with new, unless you are ok with paying the repair fees.