Who does not have issues with their Speedy B DE?

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Does your Speedy B DE have any issues

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Hi fellow Louis addicts! I'm having another baby end of July and I'm looking for a carefree and hands-free bag.

    I would really love to get the Speedy B DE, but I'm pretty scared because of all the issues being reported here.
    Not sure if it sounds worse than it really is? Who of you Speedy B DE owners does not have issues with their bags?

    Damier wouldn't really be my first choice, but as I'll be a proud mommy to another little boy, soon, I need to brace myself for several years of sticky fingers, sandboxes, etc. and I don't think vacchetta will survive this.
    I definitely need a crossbody option, I already have 2 NFs. I don't like the Bloomsbury, though, find it too small, too.

    Would be really grateful if I could get some insight into how big the problem really is. :search:

    Thank you !
  2. What issues are you referring to? The only things that come to mind for me are the gap at the end of the zippers and the mismatched hardware, but for me those aren't really issues. I love my speedy B, its super functional, and I would definitely go with the DE print on this one, too much vachetta on the other models. Good luck deciding!
  3. I no longer have my speedy b 30. I voted no because I didn't consider the minor flaws to be "issues" although others may feel differently. My hardware didn't match and the lock tarnished quickly. I did notice the print began to rub on slightly on the corners but it was only noticeable if you were checking it out up close and specifically looking for it. For as little as I used it I was surprised it wore off so quickly. This has not happened with any of my other DE prints.

    Ultimately I sold the bag because it just wasn't for me, not because of the flaws or any issues.
  4. No issues with my de speedy b. Its a great bag. Its the one bag that is my worry free bag and I love her.
  5. Thanks for chiming in. I don't mind the mismatched hardware or gaping zipper too much.

    By issues I mean corners rubbing off, peeling, straps wrinkling, etc.

    I'm definitely looking for a workhorse bag and I don't want to baby it.
    It worries me that it might show wear and tear quickly.
  6. The only issue with mine is a little bit of fraying on the loop where the D-hook is. Then again I believe this is from normal wear and tear. Other than that it is a beautiful bag and I absolutely love it! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396991430.331052.jpg
  7. Love mine, I have a few chipped areas on the leather trim but it is not really noticeable and although I would rather not have it is minor in terms of how much I like the bag
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    Last edited: Apr 8, 2014
    I have not had any issues. I'm pretty sure my hardware matches and nothing about the zipper bothers me. I use this as a weekend bag with the kids to various places (zoo, fairs, movies) and it has held up for me wonderfully. I love that I can put the extension strap on for crossbody wear - that was very helpful over the winter over my coat.

    I have scraped the corners (piping) a little, but I have done this with every bag I own. It's so faint it's hard to see. The handles don't have wrinkles, the strap does in some places mostly because I'll just dump it in the corner without care of where the strap lays. I never noticed the little wrinkles on the strap until I just looked.

    I really love this bag - usually I tire quickly & sell less than a year after buying but I don't think I will ever sell this one. I'd sell my DE Neverfull (which I don't think I ever would) before I let my DE Speedy B go.
  9. i don't think i have any issues so far with this bag.
  10. I had no idea this bag had mismatched hardware. That's crazy, thank you for info. I'll be taking this bag off my wishlist.
  11. I love my Speedy B DE but I did notice the corners canvas are rubbed off. I'm pretty upset about it. I believe the monogram print is tougher than Demier Ebene print. But again the cowhide on monogram is hard to maintenance too. I guess there's no absolutely perfect bag.
  12. I don't have any issues with mine. I'm one of those that avoided the speedy coz I don't like handheld. Even when the Speedy B came out I was not interested. Only when I saw in on some lady at the airport in Amsterdam that I started to even consider it. Bam I bought 3 Speedy B's. This bag is growing on me. I love that I can use all my pochettes at the same time in my 35.
    It's SLG galore in there.
  13. I haven't had any issue with my DE Speedy B since I bought it a year ago. It's a great bag that I use for work.
  14. The only thing on my speedy is the miss matched hardware. It shouldn't be that way for such a luxury brand, but it doesn't bother me too much but otherwise the straps, piping, etc is all perfect.
  15. I love my Speedy B DE no problems at all. She is my most used bag, carefree and goes with so much in my wardrobe. She is great in bad weather too, I love her and she will always be a part of my collection.