Who DOES like the giant hardware?

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  1. I am loving it today but that may change tomorrow. I think I may spring for a black Work if the leather is to my liking.

    Who else??

    NO :yucky: :throwup: allowed in here!

    This pic from spiralsnowman makes me :love:

  2. Gotta keep my hand down on this one... :s

    Do you think the hardware grows on you though? Maybe I just haven't been staring at them long enough.
  3. I do like it. I don't know if I'd buy it yet, but I think it really complements the brief.
  4. I like it only on the brief /work/part time..
    They are too big on the city and huge on the first...You see only the GH on both bags
  5. I like it but i wouldn't buy one and i have to see it IRL any way.:s
  6. I don't like it for me but I can appreciate it on the brief and larger styles on others, if that makes sense.
  7. i like giant hardware with the brief best :smile:
  8. i only like it on certain colors. the lighter colors especially. and ditto on liking it on the brief best.
  9. the GH looks good on some bags, but some not so... appealing... but this black one you have pictured looks pretty nice :biggrin:
  10. ^ fiatflux, i can't see the photo!!
  11. I dont like it at all :crybaby:
  12. I like it.
  13. I've seen the hardware IRL, and I like it on the large bags -- it looked stunning on a Marine brief! Silver GH would look great on that bag, too.

    But it's not for me...too casino, just not my image.