Who do you think influences whats in/out?

  1. I was just randomly thinking about things that are out this year, and I wondered; Who decides what clothes/accessoires/colors are in or out?
    Celebrities? Designers? Stores? Yourself? Magazines? Stylists?

    I think that its mostly celebrites because the designers and stores give them the clothes and they wear them in magazines.

    Who do you think influences our opinions of whats in/out?
    Just wondering :yes:

  2. The ones you mentioned definitely do, as well as Pop Culture, e.g. movies, bands(musicians),etc... Of course the internet has become an influence too.:smile:
  3. I think most well known designers start the trends by creating new things, and are very innovative in doing so. Celebrities reinforce it by carrying around bags or wearing their clothes in public. Then, we see our favorite celebs carrying the hot new bags/clothes and we want them!
  4. i think things achieve mass popularity because of celebrity exposure - 15 year old girls wouldn't buy 'inspired' paddys and b-bags if nicole richie and mischa barton weren't all over Us Weekly wearing the real ones. since most of the population is incredibly detached from fashion, there has to be something to bridge the gap. things become popular in fashion circles, i think, largely because of designers and editors - they're the ones with the power!
  5. Celebrities!! anything or anyone that makes us wana have the life or live the life or party like...them........thats where it begins.....then i think each person takes it in and remixes to there own paticular taste...
  6. A celebrity really hits home to the masses...the other avenues work, but not like a celebrity.
  7. Well said Amanda!
  8. i think celebs/designers/media have a weird symbiotic love triangle going on. something isn't hot until all three agree on it at the same time.
  9. I tend not to follow any trend. If I like what I see, I go for it. I can't say though that nothing influences me. LOL. At a certain level, what I see is what designers and media deem as trendy (or not).

  10. That was very well put! I think that you're right :yes:

    Anyone else have any ideas or opinions?
  11. Sadly, celebrities influence what the masses buy.
  12. Celebrities most definitely.
  13. Colorists forecast upcoming color palettes for the next few years, which trickles down into fashion, interiors, household items, etc. I think Designers are inspired by the mood of the country/world events and take inspiration from past fashion as well- also incorporating the new color trends. Celebs definitely showcase these styles to the general population, as well as fashion magazines, etc. The public ultimately decides whether these styles are a fly by night fashion trend or a keeper for a while. The cycle then continues...
  14. Myself, but I am of course affected by things around me although I refuse to wear something I don't like... for example, I love pumps (not for everyday use though), and wedges is really not my thing, so for me, I don't really care how many fashion magazines that says that pumps are out and wedges are out - I prefer to do my own thing.. I also love mixing styles and playing with different eras, especially the late 70s and the 80s, and I don't care what everybody else thinks about that :smile:
  15. I think that is a huge question, that people pay other people loads of money to figure out. Ever heard of Faith Popcorn?

    It's a fascinating question and I'm social scientists continue to search for the answer. In other words, I don't know, but I think any of the answers given have a good chance of being at least partially correct!