Who do you shop with at a Coach store?

  1. *Disclaimer* Sorry the intro is really long... I thought I'd include a little of my backgroud so you know where I am coming from.

    *Warning* I tend to be wordy and include details when I tell a story so bear with me if you choose to read on.

    I have always been a lone wolf when it comes to shopping because my best girlfriend from 4th grade is in sunny SoCA, my sis is in AZ, my best friend from grad school is in Vermont, and I am in Chicago. All my best friends in Chicago are guys (straight).

    I used to be a loner in college too because I was majoring in biochem. So hanging with myself has become my habit. I am a girly girl and like to play with makeup, even though I only wear the bare minimum (eyebrows, powder, a lil blush, mascara and lip balm) I have an extensive collection of makeup stuff (and perfume) that resembles 1/10 of the Sephora store.

    I like shopping and money is hardly an issue because after I pay for the student loans, utilities and necessities, I am still left with a good amount in my paycheck.

    I just recently (a month and half) started seeing this guy who is about 6 years older than me. Of all the places on earth, I met him thru myspace but we had been writing to each other for 7 months before we first met in person. And we have been seeing each other around 2-3 times a week. Each time we see each other, we usually just grab a dinner and then just chat until he has to take me home. He lives about 20-25 min away from me and every time we go out he would come and pick me up.

    Because of my job and other family obligations, my day time and weekends are all taken and I can only see him at night. But this Friday (yesterday) he had a day off and I didn't have to work until 6pm, so I asked whether he'd like to go to the Coach store in downtown with me. So, we drove downtown in the early afternoon. to my surprise, the traffic was bad and there's no street parking around the Coach store. I got a little flustered because I HATE to pay the parking garage. They charge $22 for 3 hours ($6 for the first 30 min), but after 25 min looking for a street parking (I insisted) I finally caved in and went with his initial suggestion and let him drive to the nearest parking garage.

    I am frugal with everything, except for clothing, Coach stuff and cosmetics/perfume. (I would even plan a route to purposely avoid paying toll whenever possible) So, I told him, I am gonna do a super speedy shopping and be in and out within 30 min so parking fees can be kept minimum. In my mind I had it all plotted out, because I called my regular SA and told her everything I wanted and had her prepare them for me so 30 min really is quite doable in my naive mind.

    Ladies, it is NOT possible to be in and out of a Coach store in 30 min even if you know what you are getting, even if your SA is sweet enough to have pulled all your items on the side. I tried on the shoes, looked at/admired the Legacy collection, chatted with my SA. When we finished the transaction of my mile long list of goodies and walked out the store, it was way over an hour of time. I felt so bad because I ignored my date about half of the time when we were in the store. I asked him whether it was a turn off and he said "No sweetie, I just wanted to be with you. It really doesn't matter what we do as long as I can be with you and look at you."

    I hope he meant every word he said. But, I wanted to ask you nice ladies (thank you for reading on) who you take to the Coach store when you're browsing around? Does your significant other just "watch you shop"? Do you know how they truly feel about it?
  2. I usually go by myself but if I happen to go with a friend I always tell them they can feel free to browse other stores and come back -- lord knows I'll still be inside. I need at least 2 hours when I shop Coach :graucho: .
  3. Sounds like you had a good time and I am sure there will be a time when he takes you somewhere and it is all about him!

    I shop alone, usually if dh is with me he leaves and just comes back for me. I have went with friends but I insist they leave me and come back for me. It's not there thing and they are off to other places that are not my thing. So it all balances out in the end. I would rather eww and ahhh to other coach lovers than to friends or a dh who thinks I pay way to much anyways. They don't get it, but I know I can turn here or to the fellow shoppers who do get it.
  4. I, too, am a loner, especially when it comes to shopping but that's because I want it that way. I absolutely despise shopping with other people. I know what I like; I know what stores I like; I know where I want to go; and I certainly know where I do not want to go. I don't browse in stores that I don't like. I go to the mall (or wherever) with an agenda, knowing ahead of time where I am going. I am a selfish shopper - period.

    With that said, my husband loves to shop. He may love to shop even more than me! We go shopping together all the time but regardless of where we are going and how long we are going to be there we split up and pick a time and place to meet. Driving two and a half hours to Detroit to go shopping is nothing for us and we do it all the time - maybe even a couple times a month.

    I hate it when my husband wants to go with me in any store, especially Coach. We went to the mall last week so I could place my PCE order and I made it very clear that I was going it alone. I told him to find something to do and somewhere to go because I was going to be at least a half hour. That's not a big deal because he took a trip over to GNC and he could easily spend two hours in there. He's big into bodybuilding and supplements so GNC is his Coach.

    I am not really sure that I answered any of your questions, but I just wanted to share my shopping lifestyle. I love to shop but I will instantly hate it if I am forced to shop with someone else, especially someone like my MIL (who is a dear sweet woman, BTW). She's just a very frugal shopper and I feel very uncomfortable buying anything with her.

    Good luck with your new guy! Sounds like he's definitely a keeper!! :yes:
  5. I have 2 friends and a coworker who are always interested in going if I invite them. All 3 carry Coach but they are not as into it as me. It is a lot of fun to go with them. Hubby is another story, if we are in Coach together he hurries me along. He is just not a shopper but he has given me some lovely Coach bags as gifts and I love that he does that for me.
    My mom is fun to shop with but I can tell she thinks the prices are a little insane for a bag.
  6. i like to go either by myself, with my mom, or a close girl friend of mine...but i really like to do it on my own.

    and i know how you feel, goin in and out of coach is virtually impossible!
  7. I like to shop alone.. When I go shopping with friends I rarely accomplish anything. I shop at certain stores that they may not shop at (i.e. I cannot fit into anything at "Forever 21" and don't even want to go in there even if I did)
    I do like shopping with my sister though -- even though we buy stuff from different types of stores, it's different with her -- I guess after so many years we've figured it out...
  8. I prefer to shop by myself and I'm usually by myself whenever I go to Coach, although I've been a few times with one of my sorority sisters.

    I usually hate going to the mall with someone else because they want to go in every store and look at everything on every rack/shelf/table/etc. I can scan a store in 2 minutes and know if I want to look at or buy something. Every now and then the SO comes along. He likes to shop about as much as I do and usually provides a very good second opinion.
  9. i have way too many "rituals" when i'm buying a bag so i shop for one alone!
  10. I usually shop with my Mom, but she has a tendency to rush me if it's not really a place she is interested in. I sometimes shop with my friend (met her this week infact to let her use my PCE).My friend is older than me, so usually by the time we hit the Coach store in the mall, she's tired, so she welcomes the nice chairs there. She let's me browse till my hearts content. LOL. I try not to stay as long though. And it depends if my SAs are there.

    And I am an only child, currently single, so I have no problem shopping on my own.

    Since I have lost weight, I have to try EVERYTHING on because sizes run the ranges. It takes me longer to shop because of that, but I'm not complaining. LOL.
  11. I usually shop alone too whether it is coach or anything else... but my boyfriend he loves seeing me try on things and shopping with me... some guys like shopping even if they re straight :smile:
  12. its 1/2 and 1/2 whether or not my bf comes with me or does his own thing.
    But when he is with me, i do my best not to ignore him. i ask him what he likes, dislikes, does he see anything i'd like or he'd like to see me in, will i like this or that beyond this week or this month?

    He is really good at letting me know what will be a long term like for me and what i will be over in a week, so I SWEAR I SAVE money when he goes with me!

    Plus, i encourage any shopping habits he may have, whether its EBgames or the Bookstore or antything he may have mentioned in the past week!

    i think i prefer it when he is there now. Even though i always apologize for how long it takes, I now know he means it when he says that its ok, he doesn't mind and just wants to be with me.
  13. Yes, this is exactly the same way I am! :yes:
  14. I shop alone! It is like a "day out for mommy"!!!
    I occasionally shop with my mom. She doesn't spend money like I do, but she's honest and fun :smile: