Who do you insure your Cartier items with? (US)

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    I recently purchased a Cartier love bracelet and already have a watch from them. I would like to insure both items but not really sure where and with who. Please provide the companies you used to insure your items with. I am located in the US.
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  2. Hello! I have always used Jewelers Mutual and been pleased with them. Congrats on your new piece!
  3. Travelers Personal Articles policy. One of my Love bracelets fell off my wrist at the beginning of March 2017. I called my insurance agent, explained all the details and by the end of the day an agent from Travelers called me. I reiterated what had happened to my bracelet and I had a check within a week for the amount I paid at the time I purchased my Love. I was never asked for a police report either from Travelers nor from my independent insurance agent.
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  4. Thank you!
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  6. Thanks for the information! I’m just starting to look into this and this is super helpful.