Who do you have to know?

Yesterday my friend who runs a NY clothing store in Soho told me that her friend was able to get a city bag for $200 because she was invited to a Balenciaga "something" but you could only buy bag one per invite.
Is this a sample sale thru invitation only? Does anyone know of this?
Sounds to good to be true!


balenciaga :)
Dec 21, 2007
I don't think a City could ever sell for $200 unless it was extremely beat up or something. I don't mean to jump to conclusions or anything, but I'd think it was a fake... :wondering

I think I just read something similar in the Authenticate This thread.
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Turns out that the person who invited the friend of the friend was a Balenciaga person quite high up in the chain, and the sale was at the head office in NY...I wish i knew someone there.