Who do you dress for?

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  1. My friend and I were talking about clothing and how her husband doesn't like certain things on her...

    Then we got into the topic of women who dress for men, and women who dress for other women.

    What is stylish to me, isn't stylish to the guys I hang out with. They all like tight clothing from head to toe and that isn't me.

    So who do you all dress for?
    Do you care more about impressing another lady, or impressing your man?
  2. First off, I dress for me. As long as *I* like what I see in the mirror, I'm good. I do like impressing my man but I don't dress solely for him. If I did, I'd wear nothing but tight fitting tank dresses :P He loves me in those!
  3. 95% of the time I dress for me, 5% of the time, I dress for my husband (like when we're out on a date). I never, ever dress for other women. Most women probably wouldn't notice my sense of style anyway, which is pretty classic and unremarkable.

    Perhaps when I was in my 20s I would've cared how I looked compared to other women, but now that I'm on the cusp of middle age I honestly don't really care. :smile: I know I will never be the most stylish woman in the room, nor do I care to be. As long as I look nice and neat and feel comfortable.
  4. very similar here, i mostly dress into what I consider looks good when i look in the mirror, i hate shopping with my SO because he only likes tight tight clothing and i am not in favor of always showing my curves . I have a hard time buying any other clothes when he goes to stores with me and he often doesnt like things i like to wear, so when i am with him i wear something he would like and when i go to work and hang out with girlfriends then i dress a bit differently:smile:
    If it was up to him, i would be in HErve Leger 24/7 lol
  5. I dress for myself. I couldn't care less about what other women are wearing when I'm walking down the street or at the mall, and I don't have an s/o, so I don't even have to entertain the 5% of dressing for someone else. I'm comfortable in what I wear and what I like is most important.
  6. ^^^ Ain't that the truth, girlfrommoscow! My husband's sense of "style" is tight and low-cut. :rolleyes: That's not how I roll, so he'll just have to live with my bootcut jeans and cardigans, lol. On our rare date nights out though, I might ho it up just a teeensy bit for him. :smile: That's love.
  7. To add to my comment above, I don't dress for women either. What's the point? It could be that I just don't care about what other people think about my style of dress but I really don't understand dressing for other women.
  8. I dress for myself. Always have. My style is feminine, understated and chic, so men tend to appreciate it :biggrin: However I don't dress FOR them. I also don't dress for other women - just for me.
  9. For MYSELF! :biggrin:

  10. :tup::tup:
  11. mostly for myself...and sometimes for the occasions like going out w/ bf or some parties (business/social).
  12. For the weather. If I was dressing for myself I'd be in a string bikini all year long.
  13. I dress for myself, I am over 40 have 3 children and sometimes just dress for function and that doesn't mean I wear workout clothes all day, I wear workout clothes to work out, right now I have on my BR demin bermundas, black Velvet shirt, ellie tahari studded belt with my keds by nanette lepore,( I live in Miami and it is about 80 right now) this is dressing for function

    as for my husband he rarely notices what I have on, he doesn't even notice when I wear something new

    so I dress for me eventhough my 14 year old daughter might not like what I have on and all of you with teenage girls know what I am talking about :smile:
  14. I used to say I dress for myself not other women or men and I still do because I buy what I like..but I'm a woman no? If there was no one around you still wouldn't catch me in sweats (unless I think they're cute)
  15. I dress for me, too. I am also a 41 yo Mom of two and have to consider business appropriate attire most everyday(even on weekends). But I do have alot of flexibility since I am my own boss. Definetly don't dress for the other ladies around me....

    I find that unless DH and I have a date, I rarely wear much that he seems to notice. I get my hair done or a spray tan and it takes him several days to notice!