Who do you consult before making an LV purchase?

  1. Before I make a planned LV purchase I tend to gather the opinions of:

    1. tPF Members
    2. My mother

    Even though the purchases are being made with my own money (I'm in my early 20's) and I know my mom may not always agree with what I want to purchase, I still know that she's got more wisdom than me and will always steer me in the best way possible. (we just gabbed for over an hr and she told me to go for the mono french purse even though she doesn't like the coin compartment :rolleyes:)

    As for tPF members, I turn to you guys to hear the good, bad, and ugly of my potential purchases, and definitely take it into consideration when I'm in the boutique.

    Who do you guys turn to, to get your LV advise?:girlsigh:
  2. Cute question.
    The only thing consulted before any LV purchase, is my credit card limit, lol !!
  3. Me.. cause I'm the one that's going to be carrying, and I must know best ! :graucho:
  4. I usually consult tPF, check out TONS of pics, visual aids, long-term (if available) experience of tPFers with the bag, my boyfriends and/or friends opinions, then its off to make the purchase!
  5. my mom - but sometimes I dont listen to her
  6. My bank account. (cries inside) LOL
  7. my bank account.

    DOH! sorry Fendi! just saw your post!
  8. Me

    my DH ( he would step in to help me choose whenever I can't decide)
  9. My piggy bank...:roflmfao::p
  10. Hehe same here.
  11. I always consult my daughter & ashamed to say her judgements are usually better than mine. If she says No don't buy it & I do, I usually regret it LOL
  12. I usually look at Tpf, then ask my friend... and then I test it out IRL. I can't ask my family - as, well, they don't understand why I spend so much on handbags...
  13. The bag fund lol :biggrin:
  14. My bank account ...1st and foremost before making the plunge!
  15. i always consult tpf members to get their various opinions on a bag. but then in the end it's me who makes the final decision after trying on the bag and everything. and before i buy a bag i consult with DH, just so he knows why a few hundred $$ is now charged to our CC..lol.

    it's interesting how many ppl mention discussing bag purchases with their moms. i always tell my mom about my bag purchases AFTER i've bought them. if i ever told her about a bag i was thinking of getting, the first thing she'd ask is "how much is it?" and after telling her she'd let out a gasp and say how i could get a $20 bag at Ross or Target, and why do i see the need to buy a bag over $50, i should be saving my $$, etc. LOL. but then when I show her a bag after I bought it (esp the Rosewood, Houston), she admits it's a very gorgeous bag. So i am at the point where i just show her bags/accessories after i get them and don't mention the price. :biggrin: