Who do women dress for?

  1. imo, it depends on occasion

    in the everyday, i dress for other women. most men don't understand trends and fashionable. at least, in my group of friends. they like solid, neutral colours. nothing funky.

    when it comes to a special occasion (date, cocktail party) where dresses/gowns are in order, i think women dress for men.

    that being said, in general, i probably care more about what other women think of my outfit than other men.
  2. On a date, I dress for my BF, lol.

    Any other time, I dress for myself/other women. I don't think most men would care about my handbags/shoes/clothing, but women certainly do notice! And I like looking good for myself, lol...I also happen to check out other women's clothing/accessories, but never men's.
  3. i dont think most men realize that your wearing designer stuff. boo.
  4. Dressing nicely makes me feel good, so I'd say I dress for myself :smile:
    Also, its nice when other women acknowledge your outfit with a compliment, so I suppose I dress for other women too.
    My bf rarely pays attention to what I wear. :p
  5. ^ ITA! :yes:
  6. I dress for myself too.
  7. Myself....
  8. Myself. I need to feel good, if not I get grouchy.
  9. ^ True. I mean, before you can actually dress for someone else and feel good doing it, you have to start with yourself.
  10. I dress for myself and also for the situation (more or less).
  11. I dress for myself. I also have to dress a bit glamorously for my job, well, I don't have to. But it helps to be stylish for work since I do a lot of PR and branding work.

    I never dress for other women.
  12. myself first, then my man, and then to get the envy of other women. LOL (by order of importance)
  13. I dress for myself. I appreciate fashion and am prepare to spend quite a bit on great quality, classic clothes. Women do tend to compliment my clothing/shoes/bags. But it's always for myself.
  14. For myself mostly. Sometimes when I go out to certain venues I dress up or down to go with da flow.