who do u like to see in chanel?

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who do u like to see in chanel?

  1. the olsen twins

  2. mischa barton

  3. nicole richie

  4. nikki hilton

  5. paris hilton

  6. diane kruger

  7. rachel bilson

  8. hillary duff

  9. anne hathaway

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  1. just some "celebs" i thought of because i've seen me with chanels a lot.

    please post ur fave pic of the person u voted for too, just for fun :P

    mutiple choices are allowed

    to me :
    mk olsen & rachel bilson
    because they wear their chanels up and downs. they can wear them at nights and look elegant and days with jeans and tees.
    i would like my chanel that is not cheap definitely can be used at ALL moments.
  2. To me, Chanel is defined as elegant. Some of those like the Hiltons are not elegant, just wealthy. Anne Hathaway at least looks chic carrying an expensive handbag.
  3. i think mischa always pull it off with an incredible class, even tho' her behaviour is lacking some of it. and i like rachel bilson too, she can look very down to earth and still carry it naturally (only now realised they were from the same show!).
  4. i def agree...mischa, rachel, and anne wear them best. I think that they are the classiest of the young hollywood crowd (though mischa is going a bit downhill). i love their styles!
  5. Mischa Barton for me, hands down!
  6. Mischa DEFO! She is so HOT!!
  7. Hongkong star, Rosamund Kwan, ageless beauty. she pulls off Chanel well.
  8. I really like it on Rachel Bilson. I also think Chanel is great for someone like Nicole Kidman.
  9. I'm going with Anne Hathaway.
  10. I put Nicole Richie, but I think I should've said rachel Bilson... but I really like Hermione granger w/ Chanel... what's her real name??

    ohh yea!! Emma Watson!
  11. I always LOVE Rachel Bilson in Chanel -I think because she always looks so effortless... even when she's dressed up, she doesn't look like she's trying too hard like some other celebs, who think Chanel will "save" them from their pretentious, needy outfits (e.g. Paris, and that Heidi girl from the Hills)

    I also used to really like Mischa, but something about her these days... can't put my finger on it exactly. O, and I really like Nicole Richie too -I think she always finds a way to pair a great classic bag like a vintage jumbo, or a Bbag with her looks, and it always finds a way to look classy and hip. ;)
  12. RACHEL BILSON!!!!!!! She ALWAYS looks fantastic with her Chanels! Plus, I just love her!
  13. Nicole richie and mischa barton!!!
  14. ^^^ Me too ... very classy and often lady-like!
  15. I voted for Rachel Bilson out of that crew, but I really prefer to see more sophisticated people with their Chanel bags. I like to see Victoria Beckham, Courtney Cox, and others like that much more than the young "starlets".