Who Do MC's appeal to? I don't like them

  1. I'm wondering why -as much as I love LV - why I can't see myself with a multi color under any circumstances - they just don't do it for me - - Do you think they are liked more in certain geographical locations? Just a thought.
  2. I think to each his/her own! I have a friend who ONLY goes for very classic/plain mono bags (piano, pochette, etc.). I remember when CB line came out, she was so repulsed by it, you have NO IDEA!!!:lol: I LOVE everything that's "IN YOUR FACE" (maybe it's the Russian in me!!!:lol: ). I think if all of us liked the same thing, it wouldn't be fun at all!!!
  3. I start to like the MC line few weeks ago and finally plan to buy the new MC priscilla, but after I read some post on this fourm...about the MC patterns will be rub off after few months...I need to think again...:idea:

    I am currently using mono, mini mono and the epi line...and I love them all.:heart:
  4. they seemed a a bit ghetto-fab to me at first.. this is before i owned a lv.. but now that i'm a proud owner of a couple of mono lvs... the MC's are growing on me.. i wouldn't mind owning one!
  5. I wasn't a fan either for a while. But then I saw pursegalsf's black mc wapity and cookiepieface's new Aurelia and I'm in love! I'd love to get both.
    Sometimes the gold edges and such get to me, though. I wish they were a little more plain on some of the bags.
  6. I Always Loved The MC Line....I Believe It's Just We All Have Our Different Tastes, Which Is A Good Thing!
  7. I'm still in "pugatory" on this subject: I used to hate it, but now I'm in a place where I sorta like it, sorta don't. OT, yay on my 900th post!
  8. Wooo :flowers: Congrats!
  9. YAY, ValleyOppressed!!! CONGRATS!!!
  10. To be honest i am not a fan of the MC line or Monogram canvas line. But i am a MASSIVE LV fan.

    I love all the lim ed lines and I lopve everything in epi.
    I do like monograms for smaller items, the multicolour wapity is cute for a camera in the bag. But thats it for me.
  11. I thought that I didn't like them, but they are REALLY cute in real life.

    They're so cheery and cute. :amuse:
  12. I think it just depends on the person. I know people that do not like MC because it is too MUCH for them...like it's too attention getting.
  13. i agree that they're cheery and cute.....they're not for me (i'm deathly afraid of rub off :sad:) but i think they appeal to anybody who loves color and bright bags.......i think on the right ppl they're really nice :yes:
  14. Totally agree! Personally, they are not for me and I think it's because I've seen sooooooo many reproductions of them that it's ruined it for me. Another reason to hate fakes!:yucky:
  15. I love black MC and have several pieces but find that I very rarely use it. I honestly have no idea why.

    I also have a white MC speedy but other than the first year when it came out and I got it right away and was using it before everyone seemed to have either a real or fake one, I have not used it much since. It's a bit too flashy for me. But it is a genuinely pretty bag and when I have worn it in the past I have gotten lots of compliments.

    Since I live in a warm climate there is no reason for me not to use it, I just like many of my other bags more. I also think it has to do with the fact that the MC Speedy is so damn heavy to lug around !