Who do LV stores operate?

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  1. ... Hi there, im a newbie and there are still a lot to learn :crybaby:. I would like to know how LV stores operate? The LV mother companies run all the LV themselves or they have a sole distributor in each country. I been buying my LVs from Sing and HK, and my friend from US keeps telling me that because LV doesnt own all the stores themselves, especially those in HK and SIng, so there is a chance that i would buy fake LV even from LV stores there... That doesnt sound right to me.. i went to LVMH website but it doesnt say anything about that... Can you guys please help......... :sweatdrop:
  2. All Louis Vuitton stores are operated by LVMH, they are the sole owners of the Louis Vuitton brand. LVMH controls all LV store's around the world, even the one's inside department stores.:flowers:
  3. No, if you buy it at the LV store than it's real.
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