Who dislikes FEDEX as much as ME?!

  1. Sooo I ordered a bag last wednesday and they didn't ship it until friday. Okay, so it's coming from Florida to Upstate NY. It was 2 towns over from me at 9:01 AM this morning (Monday) but that location was closed for a HOLIDAY. I think the OFFICIAL holiday is tomorrow, since when is new years eve day a holiday.

    I think I just really want my bag. Thanks for listening to my rant.
  2. ugg... That is so annoying! Why would they close for new years eve? I am sorry that totally sucks! I am having a similar fight with DHL and Nordstroms, so I feel your pain.
  3. I prefer UPS in our area. For some reason FedEx in this area of the country seems to ship a lot slower than UPS. My DH traded a truck grill with a guy in Florida and he shipped his with UPS and the other guy shipped his with FedEx. The guy in Florida got his grill almost a whole week before my DH got his.
  4. are you talking about your wishlist bag?? is that like a wider swingpack?
  5. nevermind, found it... mail satchel.. nice!
  6. I cant say I do but right now I have a bag still sitting in customs so i hate them big time right now.
  7. I feel your pain. My bag has been at my local FedEx since 3:00 this morning and hasn't gotten onto the truck yet. I'm going to have to wait till Wed. Ugh!!