Who died on your birthday?

  1. http://www.justsayhi.com/bb/death

    Approximately 148,046 people died worldwide on my birthday.

    Notable people include Lyndon Johnson, Queen Victoria, Rose Kennedy, Pope Benedict XV, and an emperor of India.
  2. Wow, morbid!

    138,567 people died on my birth day.

    Notables: Oleg Cassini, St Patrick, Marcus Aurelias, Helen Hayes
  3. Thomas Malthus died on my birthday 12/23
  4. 145,048 People - April 23rd

    I always remember that Shakespeare was born and died on my birthday.

    Apparently the last famous person who died on my birthday was:
    2007 - Boris Yeltsin, first President of the Russian Federation
  5. that's so sad.

    Approximately 139,722 people died worldwide on August 27.
  6. This is officially the freakiest game ever!!!! 139,264 people died on my B-DAY.
  7. 136,949 people, that is an amazing amount just mind boggling!
  8. Anna Nicole Smith died last year on my birthday.
  9. Let's see...

    138,350 people died worldwide on December 09, 1979.

    I wonder how many people were born that same day???

    and my DD's is scary!!

    153,056 people died worldwide on April 28, 1998
  10. 139, 851 ppl died on my birthday (Oct. 25)

    Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash on my bday in 2002... I remember it very clearly too. :sad:
  11. 138,957 people died on my bday (Sept.11).

    Unfortunately, many more have died on that day since.
  12. DH's B-day (August 31) Princess Diana (will never forget that)
    My B-day (October 20) Herbert Hoover, Burt Lancaster, Jane Wyatt
  13. 141,703 people died on mines.
  14. 136,800 people died on my birthday (1/1).

    Famous ones I've heard of who died on my birthday:
    -Cesar Romero
    -Maurice Chevalier
    -Hank Williams
  15. Oh my God. So many people died on my birthday. 149,821 people died on my birthday. Some poeople that died on my bday are: Puggy Pearson, Boxcar Willie, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Carl Morton. This is so morbid. One person that died on my bday even died of suicide.